How to Choose an Optometrist and Receive the Best Eye Care

When it comes to eye care, it is vital to make the right decisions about who you will be seeing. Optometry is the most common eye doctor, yet other kinds of doctors should consider when choosing which medical professional to see. For glasses, contacts, and any other concerns, here are some tips to help you choose an optometrist and receive the best eye care.

Choosing Between Optometry vs. Ophthalmology

People might not know, but there is a difference between these two professions. Optometry studies the eye and specializes in vision and eye care. They help out with routine eye exams, contact lenses, glasses, and other general assistance that patients might need.

On the other hand, ophthalmology examines diseases of the eyes, and they have a more comprehensive understanding of more complex eye concerns. These doctors have the same training as optometrists, yet they also have the added study of some technical concerns that patients might endure. Based on your specific needs, you might be able to choose an optometrist or an ophthalmologist, but it depends on your eyes.

Search Within Your Insurance Network

Even though there are thousands of eye doctors around the country, there might only be a few within your given insurance network. It is essential to do your research, find reviews, and even call and ask about specific concerns you might have. Finding a doctor within your network helps keep costs low. Most optometrists are within the network, whereas ophthalmologists might be out of network because, in some cases, they are considered specialists.  

How Much It Will Cost

Whether you need glasses or contacts or have perfect vision, it is essential to know what you are paying for. Aside from the insurance cost and the co-pay, check out the rates for glasses and contacts. Find out which ones would be more advantageous and have the frames you want. Or, if you need special glasses because you have astigmatism or another concern, make sure you can get reasonably priced lenses and frames within your budget.  

Use Referrals

People might skip this option, yet it can help you find great eye doctors. Relying on the referral of friends or even professionals in the field if you’re moving into a new area is a great way to find eye doctors that are reputable and known for their work. Aside from referrals, it is also essential to check out their online reviews. Much like people do for their doctors, finding out a doctor’s average review and their work from people who have seen them helps determine if they would be the perfect fit for you.

Choosing the right eye doctor helps you receive the best eye care. While it might take a bit of time to find the perfect doctor, following the criteria help make decisions easier. If you’re unsure, there are plenty of eye doctors who even offer discounted initial visits! Take advantage of the opportunities around you, and don’t be afraid to do your research before going in to purchase a new pair of glasses.

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