How to Rebrand Your LinkedIn During a Pandemic

With the rise of the pandemic, digital networking has become one of the most important ways to connect with people. If you are involved in network marketing, you can continue to build your business online. Whether you coach many people or coach no one, there are several ways to make a more attractive LinkedIn profile.  

Update your resume with relevant skills. It is essential to make sure your LinkedIn resume is up to date. Networking will rely on what you have included in your profile. However, it is critical not to add content for the sake of adding material to your skills. Make sure whatever you decide to add to your resume stands out, and it will be attractive to potential employers or prospective individuals looking to join your business.

Check your profile picture.  LinkedIn profile pictures should be recent and professional. If you want to stand out to employers, make sure you have a headshot that says “sharp” and “qualified.” Many people overlook the importance of a professional headshot. It is often why they do not receive as many connections during network attempts.

Make sure you use appropriate keywords and can compete with other candidates.  This is the most important tip. Currently, LinkedIn has approximately 700 million active users. To not only compete but stand out from the millions of users on the website, you have to know what to include in your profile. Whether you are involved in network marketing or others, researching the keywords will help you appear in searches. That way, you can have more opportunities to coach and connect.

Communicate professionally and be consistent.  Your LinkedIn profile should match how you talk to recruiters and prospects on the site. There is no need to become overly casual with people on the site. This is not Facebook or other social media platforms that you might frequent. LinkedIn is a professional site and is meant to help people find work opportunities while networking. Be mindful of your communication style and make sure that your messaging is consistent on private networks and your page.

Ask for help and get a second opinion.  Don’t be shy if you want to ask for help and get a second opinion. Often, LinkedIn experts will be more than willing to check over your profile and tell you what they think. Other people in your shared industry can provide insight on what is necessary to share on your profile. They’ll be able to highlight things you’ve done well or areas on your profile that require a few changes. Due to the pandemic, it is important to start thinking outside of the box.

Rebranding during a pandemic will help you get more jobs and find more work. With so many people looking to create opportunities at the same time, it is essential to differentiate yourself from the saturated market. If you’re able to update your skills and find ways to appear in the searches, you should expand your business and network with others. In the future, these tasks will be the goal of finding work, especially for network marketing and coaches looking to diversify their clientele.  

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