Top 5 Certifications to Set Yourself Apart from Other Marketers

Digital marketing is a hot skill that many companies are seeking. Entrepreneurship in 2021 has become increasingly digital. People are continually looking for individuals with digital marketing skills. There are several different certifications to choose from to diversify your resume. However, statistically, there are always specific programs at the top that continually show desirability. In this article, we will show you the top five certifications that will help you with your business.  

Google Ads Certification  

Popular in the digital marketing space, Google Ads is one of the most sought out certifications in the digital world. Surprisingly enough, difficult to find on any given resume! Google Ads are one of the primary marketing tools that firms use to reach their internet users. There are six different certifications to choose from allowing the user to expand their resume however they see fit. Depending on your needs, you can select and control how employers really see you. All of them are reputable and have helped people, both employed and engaged in entrepreneurship.

Facebook Certification

Facebook, a familiar social media platform used worldwide holds certifications unknown to the casual user. Facebook has several programs entrepreneurs turn to for increasing their marketing skills. With many companies on Facebook and millions of users, this is one of the most important certifications. There is a digital marketing certificate in which you will learn how to create ads. You will also work on the content that will reach desired demographics properly. Depending on your preferred work, you can choose from any number of their certificate programs.

Hootsuite Social Marketing

Hootsuite is a social media management website that allows you to create content and share it across different profiles. Brand strategists, content creators, and digital marketers alike will highly benefit from this social media-oriented certification. Whether it be a larger company or a small business, more firms choose to use Hootsuite to help with their social media marketing. There are courses offered on Udemy that help you get started on the certification for this system.  

American Marketing Association’s Professional Certificates

The American Marketing Association (AMA) also offers a wide range of resources available to users, including certificates. Whether you are interested in digital marketing or entrepreneurship, or even essential marketing, there is something for every individual on this site. As a reputable organization, their material for the certificate is comprehensive and helpful for even the newest person.

Adobe Certifications

Those interested in digital projects and graphic design can turn their ideas into digital marketing tools with the Adobe Certification programs. There are several pages of programs to choose from. There’s no limitation to the number of certificates that you pursue. The best part of these certificates is that each one is specialized for the program. If you encounter a potential opportunity where the employer wants you to have that skill set, you will be ready. You will have more than enough knowledge to get you started if you complete this certificate.

With more and more entrepreneurship on the web today, people have to find ways to stand out against others. Completing digital marketing certificates and specializing in your skillset can help you make a reputation for yourself. Every certificate mentioned above is a great option to start diversifying your resume. The more education you pursue, the more your business can grow and the more profitable you can become in the future.  

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