Outside of the Box: Best Games and Practices to Connect Your Out of State Loved Ones

During the pandemic, it has been challenging to connect with loved ones who are out of state. It is important to give strength and love to our friends and family during this time. For our loved ones residing in assisted living, it is especially important to remind them they are not alone. Here are some of the best games and activities you can do together, even at a distance.


This is one of the best games to connect with those in assisted living homes or hospice. It’s a classic game of spelling. Best of all, it also helps your memory and your cognitive health. Playing Scrabble helps you to keep sharp, work on your spelling, and have a bit of fun with your family and friends.


It is another classic game that you can play with your family and friends. Chess is lovely, especially for the elderly, because it focuses on logic and predicting the next move. Best of all, you don’t have to have a physical game to play with. There are many computer chess games that you can connect to online with your family members. It might even help keep their computer skills sharp while you play together!

Card Games

Having a deck of cards is incredibly fun, and there are so many games that you can play! Even if you aren’t visiting your elderly loved ones in person, there are virtual ways to make this fun and interactive over the internet. There are several card games that you can find online that make it easier to play at a distance. Whether it is poker, fish, or crazy eights, there are several choices on the internet available.


It is a favorite among the elderly and in assisted living homes. It is a fun way to compete with others and can be done at a distance! Whether your loved one is in hospice or the assisted living center, you’ll be able to tag along and either virtually or play alongside them as they join their community event. Bingo is a fun game that is traditionally played in these facilities. It is a fun and easy activity to do together that you will both enjoy.  

Fact or Fiction? 

For big family games, this is one of the most fun games to play. There are dozens of books that contain odd and strange facts, some that people likely won’t know. To make this more fun, it is best to play with at least three or more people. People each pick five facts, and then you take turns guessing whether or not it is true. It helps create good conversation, and who knows: maybe your elderly family members will know a few facts you don’t!

There are several other options for people looking to keep in contact with their loved ones at a distance. Any of these choices will make for a fun family game night even if it is over zoom. After all, the most important thing is to spend time together and make memories that last a lifetime. 

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