Healthy Foods That Can Protect Your Eyes

Some people think that if you have bad eyesight it means that you are growing old, which is not necessarily the case, as failing eyesight can happen due to numerous reasons and is not a sign of growing old. Some people see this and go get themselves glasses without doing anything to make it better naturally. There are many reasons why it happens, some might be due to our habits of watching late-night TV, or using a lot of gadgets such as mobile phones, laptops, and just basically looking at screens or not taking care of yourself by cleaning your eyes with water, or it could just be as simple as not eating well.

The reason eyes can go bad when you do not eat well is due to the deficiency of certain vitamins, such as vitamin E and vitamin C, these two vitamins are essential in regulating good eyesight, other nutrients that are needed are copper, zinc, as well as beta carotene—all these are essential in taking care of your eyes and need to be consumed regularly. 

Another nutrient that is especially needed to keep your eyes in good health is getting a lot of omega-3 fatty acids, which our body does not produce by itself at all. Therefore, according to an optometry specialist here are some of the best foods you should eat to protect your eyes.

Food no. 1: Fish:

Fish is one surefire way of getting omega-3 fatty acids which our body does not produce by itself. Oily fish especially has a lot of omega-3 fatty acids, and these should be consumed at least once a week or a fortnight. The fishes that you should be eating are tuna, trout, sardines, herring, salmon, mackerel, and anchovies. Eating fish can reduce dry eyes. Dry eyes can happen due to spending too much time on computer gadgets.

Food no. 2: Citrus fruits:

Vitamin C and vitamin E, these vitamins can help take care of your eyes, therefore, eating lemons, grapefruits, and oranges, which are high in vitamin C and E can give much-needed nutrients to protect your eyes.

Food no. 3: Carrots:

Very easily available, carrots are high in vitamin A as well as beta carotene, both good for helping absorb light by the eyes. One should make a habit of eating a carrot every other day or putting it as a side dish in your dinner or breakfast, making sure nutrients required for your eye care are taken daily.

Food no. 4: Eggs:

Eggs are already an important part of your daily nutrient consumption, eating eggs can fight bad eyesight and give you a lot of zinc, vitamin E, and C.

Food no. 5: Green vegetables:

Consuming green vegetables such as collards, spinach, and kale, can give a good source of vitamin C to your eyes, they have zeaxanthin and lutein in them as well.

Food no. 6: Water:

This cannot be stressed enough, we are already made up of at least 70 percent water, every organ in our body needs water to work, especially our brain. Therefore, staying hydrated can help you from getting dry eyes, it is recommended to drink eight glasses of water per day to be well hydrated.

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