5 Design Trends to Look for in Homes This Year

If you’re buying a house this year, get ready for the unexpected in design and layout. Real estate this year encompasses some emerging and popular new trends. Realtors should be excited about some of the new shifts to more natural elements, decorative designs, and flexibility to show their potential buyers. Here are some of the top trends in real estate for 2021.  

The Emergence of Cottage Core

People have been working from home, and real estate design now reflects that! There’s a sense of “cottage core” that has seeped into houses. Comfortable decor and layouts are popular in real estate and among homebuyers. With more people working virtually, people will be excited about buying cozy spaces that they can call their own.  

Natural Elements

Nature is a significant influence on home design this year. Wood flooring has always been a part of houses, but wood is more integrated into houses. Realtors also have several properties that boast natural paint colors on the walls. The cool, soft colors are another part of the comfort that buyers fall in love with. Despite the popularized modern looks that some houses have, there are even more on the market that embraces the natural surroundings and becomes part of the home.

Decorative Lighting

Home decor enthusiasts can rejoice at the shift to more decorative light fixtures. People can still see the traditional look in some homes. However, realtors will have several properties that show off unique, artistic pieces that double as light pieces in 2021. There will be a particular charm to houses because of the specialized design choices made by architects and interior designers before showing the property.

Accent Walls

Everyone loves accents in homes because they bring fun and is an unexpected addition to the room. Accent walls can come in various formats, but they will be a trend that homebuyers can see. Realtors will find comfort in knowing that even if they have been selling real estate for years, they will have more homes with character and style. Homebuyers can have a more selective choice of their future home because of the added specializations they will be seeing in homes this year.

Flexible Spaces

The majority of homebuyers are most excited about this option. People now use their homes for a multitude of roles: parenting, working, and studying. Now, people can view homes with flexible spaces that double as both a work and play station. It will be beautiful to homebuyers and give realtors an extra amenity to show their clients.  

Choosing the right home for you is more than just finding the right amount of space; but about finding the right style. This year’s trends in real estate are exciting to both realtors and home buyers. Now, homes are embracing more nature and character, making each home a unique experience. These are just some of the many trends that homebuyers can see in 2021 and others that might arise as time passes on. First-time homebuyers have every right to be excited because these trends are unique to the market!

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