Ways to Volunteer Remotely

The coronavirus pandemic has halted a lot of volunteer work that people engage with regularly. There are still many ways to give back, volunteer, and spend time with seniors. Most importantly, volunteers are needed for the elderly, those in hospice, and assisted living homes. People might not be able to visit their loved ones, but there are several options for connecting with these individuals. Here are some of the ways that you can engage with these populations, even during the pandemic.

Create Hand-Crafted Items

While people have not been allowed to enter assisted living homes, arts and crafts are always accepted for these facilities’ residents. People can create any item they wish. Some people choose to sew or knit something special, or maybe even choose to create beautiful pottery to gift them. Programs like Hospice of the Valley work together with remote volunteers. They work to donate items to the elderly and those in hospice to keep in contact even amid this difficult time.

Help Set Up Virtual Fundraisers

Even with physical events being canceled, there are still numerous events that people can organize together online. People have been able to raise money online to keep their facilities well-funded. Several organizations continue to work diligently to coordinate events, even during the pandemic. VolunteerMatch has several positions open that are focused on event planning virtually for organizations looking to help create fundraisers during this time.  

Write a Letter 

For those that do not have many creative skills, another option is to write letters to the elderly. When the pandemic first started, an influx of elderly communities lost their regular visitors, such as their family and friends. Writing letters to people has allowed them to find new ways for their residents to communicate with the outside world. Letters of Love is just one of the many programs that help connect with the elderly, give back to the community, and maybe learn a few unique stories from their lives along the way!

Become a Virtual Hospice Volunteer

The only people who visit patients now are medical staff and regular employees of the facility. Many family members and outside individuals cannot visit their loved ones during the pandemic. Many patients in hospice are now limited to only seeing their medical staff and immediate family every day. While visitors are not welcome, becoming a virtual hospice volunteer helps them and allows you to give back. VolunteerMatch has several options for volunteers interested in working with seniors. Virtual volunteers can expect to do clerical work, create crafts, and communicate with their patients regularly.  

There are many ways to still give back to the community during this time, even with the social distancing rules. Volunteering virtually has become currently normalized. It allows people to continue giving back to the elderly and those in assisted living homes. Whether you choose to find pen pals or work one-on-one with hospice patients, these opportunities are fantastic ways to help the elderly. Especially now, the elderly need to have outside communication so they can remain part of the community.  

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