How to Increase and Track Engagement on Your Landing Pages

Landing pages are the key to gaining brand awareness for any business. A landing page tells the visitor who you are and what your product is all about. You can also incorporate a few elements on the landing page that connect you and the user directly.

A landing page in just a few words tells the visitor the most important aspects of your business and services. The importance of a landing page is known widely, but not many increase their engagement with it.

Here is how you can increase and track engagement on your landing page:

Use email to reach people you know.

You can use email to direct the visitor to the desired website. What this will do is that it will drive more people to your website, and this can increase the traffic to your landing page. Dell has already done this; emails of each user was utilized in bringing them to the website. Another way landing pages can increase the traffic is when you add certain incentives like a discount offer, or refer a friend for more discount or a deal, or getting access to a beta software or any other service altogether.

Optimize your landing page.

Search engine optimization is highly important. You need to optimize your landing page’s content with the help of a skilled writer who has good knowledge in the search engine optimization section and knows how to divide the keywords and put them in naturally. This can increase the traffic to your landing page easily.

Use paid per click advertising to draw traffic to your landing page.

You can also direct traffic towards your landing page by simply giving it a Paid Per Click (PPC) treatment. The PPC treatment can work wonders, all you have to do is get PPC service from Google or Facebook ads, and you will only have to pay whenever someone clicks on the ad of your landing page, it is cost-effective and works wonders. 

Utilize influencers.

The content that is shared with the help of influencers gets eight times more traffic than a common advertising feature such as PPC. Influencers have a great following, they have so many followers that even 10 percent of their followers can draw attention to your landing page and it will benefit you a lot. Therefore, get in touch with numerous influencers and market your landing page to draw traffic to it.

Use social media.

Use social media sites because they are free and they have a lot of chances of drawing traffic to your landing pages. All you have to do is have a presence in numerous social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and have your landing pages connected to these platforms which help your business in the end.

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