Top 5 Marketing Calendar Platforms to Manage Your Media

In a world saturated with media, it’s easy to get lost in the mix. From platforms to posts, influencers to businesses, your media content exists in a world that has no end. Starting your own business? Are you learning how to market yourself through multiple media channels? Mark your calendars.

Marketing calendar platforms are necessary tools for you to market yourself properly and in an orderly fashion. Specifically, Network marketing works best when done across more than one media channel with the sole purpose of raising your brand’s awareness. Social media calendars will help organize and plan your content/posts.

So, without further waiting, we will discuss some of the best marketing calendar platforms to manage your media.

  1. Asana.

Asana is a clean-cut and standardized choice for professionals. Used amongst a variety of professions, Asana is a simple, non-complicated tool best for organizing your calendar with an easy-to-read format. Network marketing for beginners? Look no further. You can create task lists for every project. You can see timelines formatted for those projects. Most importantly, you can create easy-to-read calendars for all of your marketing campaign necessities. Asana is your beginners’ one-stop-shop.

  1. ContentCal.

ContentCal was designed with media professionals in mind. You can dive into the nitty-gritty with ContentCal as it provides key information on analytics with your posts. You will also benefit from the auto-generator feature that allows the platform to post your desired content at your convince. Consistency with shared creative content is vital to creating a following on any media platform. ContentCal allows you to save yourself from thinking of when to post. Create a calendar and let this platform do the rest.

  1. Loomly.

A slightly more advanced platform, Loomly helps you study your content while creating a calendar. See what’s trending on Twitter as Loomly connects with relevant media platforms to optimize your media sharing experience. Other than organizing your photos, blogs, and posts, Loomly provides the inspiration behind your content.

  1. Hootsuite.

A networking marketers’ dream lies in the hands of Hootsuite. It allows you to not only manage all of your media in one place but study the analytics of each post, connect with your customers personally, track and grow your audience all while growing your social strategy. Connecting with people is the primary goal for network marketers. Growing your brand is the result. Hootsuite can help you achieve it all.

  1. StoryChief.

Your business is important to StoryChief. This is a media calendar platform that feels a little more personal. Each social media platform has a different algorithm and reaches your target audience intentionally. StoryChief allows you to publish each post everywhere and tailor that post per channel. You can approve or deny posts made by other professionals on your team while giving feedback. StoryChief is a connecting tool for network marketers.

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