Glasses vs Masks: Tips for Responsible Eyecare for 2021

Any optometry specialist in the COVID-19 pandemic will tell you that glasses are just as important as masks when you go out, as it has been proven that you can get a coronavirus infection through the eyes as well. Hence, the advice to avoid touching your eyes with your hands is extremely important during this time.

Many people struggle with the combination of glasses and masks. Between the masks becoming tangled and twisted in the corners of your eyewear, fogging up your glasses while walking in cold weather and just the feeling of having so many things on your face at once, is uncomfortable.

There are simpler and easier ways to stay safe while seeing responsibly.

Here are a few techniques:

Tip no. 1: Create a simple seal:

This strategy is useful for people that struggle with their masks creating a fog over their eyewear. The process starts with grabbing the ends of the masks, twisting them so it forms a figure 8, and looping it over your ears. This will direct the airflow down rather than in the upward direction. Now pinch your mask around the nose area, so it settles well.

Tip no. 2: Put your eyewear on your mask above your nose:

While wearing your mask, place your glasses on top of your mask. This will prevent unnecessary airflow between your mask and your glasses

Tip no. 3: Clean your eyeglasses with tissue:

Cleaning your glasses frequently requires no explanation however revisiting the importance is necessary. To properly cleanse your eyewear, use a microfiber cloth and antibacterial solution. This will eliminate the germs while maintaining the condition of your eyewear.

Tip no. 4: Get anti-fogging eyewear:

This is a permanent solution; you can simply order eyewear that gives you an anti-fogging coating.

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