One Size Fits All? How to Make Your Lighting Highlight You.

The key to photography is capturing the specific beauty you desire the viewer to see. Every photographer’s “eye” is different and so are the subjects. Lighting is the hidden but obvious gem to making your headshots stand out. Here are some tips and tricks for showing who you really are through your headshots.

  • Light Source.

Looking for softer and subtle light in your photos? Go big and go broad. A broad light source produces fewer shadows and suppresses texture within the photo. Think about who you are and what you want your brand to be. Your headshot will produce a more approachable and warm professional aesthetic utilizing the broad light strategy.

  • Intentional lighting.

Use lighting to highlight specific parts of your subjects. Don’t be afraid to show off your quirks and unique features. It is what sets you apart from other professionals. It creates a brand within yourself without having to change anything about yourself or the subject.

  • Work the shadows.

Make the shadows work for you. Use lighting to highlight features and shadows to bring less attention to features of the photo you don’t need. This doesn’t mean everything shouldn’t be seen. Shadows are only used to further highlight specific features. The contrast between light and shadows will create a sharper look for your headshot. It keeps the attention on you.

  • Temperature.

Light appears in a spectrum of colors. The camera sees light differently than the natural eye. Light temperatures can be cold, warm, and neutral. It can be translucent or bare. Manipulate the light color for your desired brand. Cold may translate as mysterious as it highlights the bluer hues in your photo. On the opposite end, warmth can translate as welcoming and the yellow and red hues in your photo are brought to the surface.

Keeping these techniques in your back pocket will help you stand out and create a purposeful headshot with your brand in mind.

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