Top 5 Sustainable Eyewear Brands and Their Ecological Impact

We live in a world where global warming is an issue, where our environment has been impacted by numerous industries, and we are slowly making it worse day by day. Yet, there are people who still care about the Earth and the resources it provides for us such as fresh air, food, water, land etc.

There are people who are doing their best to look for eco-friendly solutions in order to make their products eco-friendly and now there are eco-friendly pens, cars, appliances, there are eco-friendly sustainable eyewear as well. 

From making glasses out of recycled materials, many brands have gone a step further and put style where it should be. They have made eyewear out of skateboards, different plastic materials and whatnot consequently turning it into something that is stylish and reimagines what eyewear can do for you.

Here are top five sustainable eyewear brands according to an optometry specialist which you can buy and be a part of a bigger cause:

Brand no. 1: Dresden:

Dresden is from Australia, but it has German style to it, it is organic as well as technical. Dresden believes in a shape that can fit all, their eyewear comes in 4 sizes and each eyewear comes in a wide collection of colors to pick from. 

Their ecological impact on the environment comes from making their eyewear from recycled Swiss nylon which is called Nylon 12. This recycled material according to Dresden is very lightweight and durable. They also make their eyewear from recycled wood chips, bottle caps, and caps of beer kegs as well. Due to them there is less pollution in the streets with bottle caps, and other recyclable material lying around that can harm the environment.

Brand no. 2: MITA:

MITA is one brand that does not shy away from showcasing their sustainability. Their eyewear is vibrant as well as full of colors, they make their eco-friendly glasses from empty water bottles, and their goal is to reduce the number of empty water bottles lying around in the US and EU. Their eyewear is eco-friendly, protects from UV radiation, is biodegradable, and durable.

Brand no. 3: Pala:

This is one other brand that makes sure it gives back. Its glasses are made from biodegradable material. They make sure their glasses are cruelty-free and that if anyone buys eyewear from them, they give free eye care to someone in Africa, which has the greatest number of cases with people that are visually impaired. They make their glasses from plant-based materials, making sure they tick the eco-friendly sustainable factor.

Brand no. 4: Sunski:

These glasses are made from biodegradable eco-friendly material. These are stylish and their frames are unique. Sunski makes sure they do not use plastic bags, instead they have creative origami folds that they use to send their glasses to customers, making sure the environment stays clean.

Brand no. 5: Waterhaul:

Waterhaul eyewear goes far and wide, it takes the fishing nets that are left in the water and make eyewear out of them. These fishing nets can last for decades in the ocean and can harm marine life, therefore, when turned into glasses, they can last for more than a decade as well—making them highly durable. Now fishermen do not have to leave their used fishing nets somewhere, they can give it to Waterhaul from which the brand can make stylish and durable eyewear so that you can care for the environment as well as do your eye care.

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