How can I network during a pandemic? Social selling tips for a socially distanced time

Due to the coronavirus pandemic people are not working in offices, because they are told to work from home. They have to practice social distancing so that they do not spread the virus to their friends, families, and the neighborhood. COVID-19 is a deadly disease and we all have to practice caution and follow the safety protocols set in place by the governments. 

Networking is essential to becoming prosperous in your career. Due to the virus, it is hard but there are still ways to network safely, improve your career and still be productive and socialize during your work time. 

Here are a few things that you can do:

No. 1: Update the profile of your LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is the way to showcase your business expertise. You have to update your LinkedIn profile and put in some new skills that would not require you to visit an office. Skills that can help you get work online or from home as well. Put on the latest courses you have done, latest skills you have gained and even change your profile picture, get a fresh start so employers can see what they need in this pandemic. It will help you communicate with them more.

No. 2: Be a part of social media groups.

Join a lot of professional groups on Facebook and LinkedIn. There are tons of people that are looking for freelancers in the pandemic, you can use these groups to share your portfolio and share your work and skills. These are the ways you can network with likeminded people. Joining these groups will help expand your career opportunities. 

No. 3: Go to clients that you already have.

Reach out to the clients that have already worked with you. Be sure to be courteous, ask how they are, send them a nice, well-structured, short email and let them know that you are still providing your services in the pandemic and if they need you, you will be there to offer them your expertise. 

No. 4: Host a networking event.

To truly network, you can coach your colleagues and host an online networking event through YouTube or Zoom etc. You can utilize these platforms and invite your clients, your colleagues, to come together and work on a project together or talk about other projects and ideas to better each other. You can use this event to showcase your new skills or services your brand is offering etc.

No. 5: Use social media websites.

This is important, if you are a business, you should update your pages on social media websites, or if you are a single freelancer, you should update your bio as well, as it can affect the chances of you networking and getting a new gig.  

By doing all these steps you can be sure you are networking properly and gaining projects even in the coronavirus pandemic.

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