Check Out These 7 NEW Facebook Ad Features!

Facebook has been part of our world for more than a decade now. Started as a small project in a University, it now has grown into a billion-dollar company that is always expanding. It has helped people stay connected effortlessly; thanks to Facebook’s numerous features you stay in touch all the time, even if the people are out of the country. All these things make Facebook a true social media marvel.  Facebook also keeps its users connected in other ways through digital marketing. Digital marketing is an amazing tool to help businesses of all sizes promote their company to different people all over the world. It is a cost-effective way of promoting—using Facebook ads. If you or your business have a page on Facebook and use the ad feature of it, then you should stay up-to-date with all the latest features.

Here are the 7 new ad features of Facebook:

  1. Carousel advertisement.

This form of advertisement offered by Facebook is somewhat like a TikTok video, it is short and it is straight to the point. You can use this as a way to promote your product in just a few seconds so people can just check it directly to see if it meets their wants or needs. Carousel ads by Facebook are something many businesses use, especially businesses that are in cosmetics or appliance-related products. We have seen that mobile companies especially use this type of ad.

  1. Behavior targeting.

This ad feature is quite useful. You do not have to target everyone on Facebook, you can use this ad feature to look for customers that might be more interested in your type of service right from the get-go. The moment you utilize this feature, you be able to reach more potential customers. This happens by using the data of Facebook users past purchases and targeting certain products to them if it is related to your business.

  1. Facebook ad library.

This feature has changed as well, you can now see the ads of your Facebook page all in one place. This makes it so much easier to use! This feature update is quite useful if you have a lot of products and ads on the website. Entrepreneurship start-ups will especially like this feature—because everything is in one place and they can keep tabs on all their ads.

  1. Facebook gif ads.

Gif ads are similar to video ads but can show different aspects of your business or products on a loop, without a play or pause button. They do not have any audio, but they do the job. They instantly direct the customer to the product and what the product can do for them. So, create a small gif ad and let it help spread awareness of your business and its products.

  1. Engagement ads.

With engagement ads, you can engage with your customers or they can engage with you. You can simply use engagement ads to send specific products to consumers Facebook walls.This benefit will be gaining more trusted customers once you have engaged with them.

  1. Demographic targeting.

This type of targeting is also very useful. You can target different aspects of your potential customers and help increase the chances of successfully marketing your product to them. This feature can let you target them on the basis of their age, relationship status, work, education, and location, etc. 

  1. Facebook ad tester.

This feature is especially crucial for any business before they roll out their usual ads. You can test your ads as if you are the customer through this feature as well as check the ads through four different options: creatively, through delivery, through your audience, and through its placement. It is an incredibly useful feature.

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