Work Remotely? Here is How You Can Still Make a Personable Impression.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many people are working from home rather than the office; many have lost their jobs altogether and are searching for new opportunities remotely. So, if you are searching for a new job, or working from home, there are things you can do to make a personable impression without being there in person. You can change your profile picture online, change up your work surroundings at home, etc.

Yes, you can still impress from the comfort of your home, and here is how you can do it:

  • Communicate. Period.

Communication is the key to success; we have seen it everywhere in both personal and professional relationships. Communicating is the way to bridge the gap. During this challenging and unique time, it can be hard to properly communicate with your colleagues, supervisors, and clients when you are not there in person. By communicating through your clothing, and keeping your appearance professional on video calls, you can continue to make a good impression. 

  • Be professional, and focus on managing your time properly.

Time is money; everyone is aware of that fact, but not everyone follows this notion. You have to remain professional in your conduct with your employer and colleagues. Try not to be casual, because it can show a weak attitude. Be confident, be proper, be professional. If you have a deadline, do not waste it on drinking coffee or watching TV at home. Show those you work with, that you are diligent with your time and that despite the numerous distractions at home you are a coworker they can rely on. This impression can go a long way for your career.

  • Make your remote workplace look like an office, and change your Zoom profile picture.

Working from home means you will likely be on video calls whether it is with your boss, colleagues, or even your clients. So, remove that exercise bike, tidy up your backdrop, and wear a nice shirt. Be sure to remove any extra things that may come off as immature, and continue to keep your home workspace professional—it will definitely make a positive impression with your employers.

Secondly, get your photo taken professionally and change your picture. A well-presented headshot can showcase your professionalism.

  • Learn a new skill.

While working from home, you may find yourself with a lot of free time. Take this time to learn a new skill that can complement and maybe even further your professional career. This can impress your boss by showing you taking the initiative on your own time, as well as your drive to improve your skills for not just yourself, but for the company. And who knows? It may lead to future promotions or raises.

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