Crafts and Other Activities to do With Dementia Patients

Elderly people suffering from dementia need activities to keep themselves busy, and their brains active. Individuals with dementia need some kind of a flare in their life, something that sparks joy. 

There are many activities dementia patients should do to keep their minds active, which can benefit them greatly. Crafts and other activities will keep their brains stimulated while also allowing them to socialize and overall have a good time.

Crafts and other activities that patients with dementia should try.

Here are some really crafty activities that dementia patients can get great benefit from.

  1. Arrange flowers.

Can’t stress this enough, artificial flowers or real flowers, dementia patients should go out and really get creative by making a flower arrangement. It is a fun, zen activity that also keeps the mind active. They can pick and combine any flowers they want to create something personal, and when they are finished they can use them to dress up their living space or give them to a friend or a loved one.

  1. Playing with dough.

With this, they can get creative, and exercise the memory part of their brain. Advise them to make different shapes with the dough, and if they are living in a hospice facility, they should be monitored and guided properly as the dough can get messy.

  1. Stack up colorful cups in the order of the rainbow.

We know what color comes first in a rainbow, and sometimes dementia patients can get the order jumbled. To help exercise their mind they can stack cups in the order of a rainbow. This can be a helpful activity to help improve and maintain their memory.

  1. Use a spelling tray.

This magnetic spelling tray can really keep them busy, make their minds work, and help reduce the effects of dementia. Advise them to make a word with these randomly placed magnetic letters and see if they can recall the correct spelling from their memory.

  1. Have them recall positive things in their life.

Ask for their personal pictures from their loved ones, and have them retell the story behind the photographs. This is important in helping them retain bits of who they are while also having a chance to socialize by telling their story. Overall, this can be a positive experience for someone suffering from dementia.

  1. Read them their most favorite books.

Dementia patients who live in assisted living require this activity the most, having someone read to them, it will jog the earliest time they read that book and can help reduce their dementia symptoms.

  1. Explore nature.

Just take them out on a walk in a park and watch their child-like behavior come out. This activity can help them reminisce about their childhood. The best thing you can do for them is reacquainting them with nature. 

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