Do Business Owners Need Headshots?

Business owners are the representatives of their brands and their personality showcases what a brand can be. If you see a CEO of a company that has a rough look where they are wearing caps and chains in a photo, it won’t look good. They won’t look professional at all. This is something that can be disadvantageous to an owner of a company.

So, yes, business owners do need headshots, as it shows that they are credible, their personality shines, and showcases what their business is all about. People also trust those more who look professional and proficient. This is how they are, and people will automatically put their faith in them.

So, here are some things that you need to do when you are getting a headshot for yourself:

  • Make sure your headshots are of you.

Many people on the internet have headshots that aren’t of themselves, they put headshots of random things and it looks unprofessional. They have headshots of their dog, or they have headshots in front of a lawn in a casual shirt—it doesn’t make them look proficient, rather it makes them look lazy. An owner of a company should always show that they can represent their business to the best of their ability. So make sure when you are going for headshots, as a business owner, it should represent the values your business has and it should also complement your overall demeanor of being a business owner, make sure it is 100% you.

  • Do not overly photoshop, or make your headshots deceptive. 

A business owner should make sure that they are representing themselves as they are, if they photoshop their face, make it a different one, or change a few things, then people will see them on a video call, or in person, and it would come off as a bit uncanny and not professional. A business owner should be confident in their skin, should dress well, and not photoshop their “bad” traits, instead they should groom themselves, and wear well-fitted clothes for their headshots that will come off as more confident and more dependable as a business owner—people will trust them more this way.

  • Your headshot should be taken by a professional photographer.

Professional photography is very important. It will make you look competent; it will make you look like someone who has a well-versed business, well-settled and reliable brand. Do not crop pictures from one of your vacations, or do not put an old picture as your headshot, that is very unprofessional and will not make you stand out from the crowd. Consider opting for a pro photographer that can take the angle that is you, showcases your real personality, it will benefit you in the long run for sure. Just ask this simple question, is this how you want any of the people that are opting for your services to see you?

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