How to Measure Your Professional Development

Many organizations only know the old ways of measuring their professional growth, but it is high-time this model changes. Not everyone wants to lead, not everyone can lead, but that does not mean they do not want to develop themselves professionally. Everyone wants to measure themselves; they want to measure if they are doing well in their career

This is an important aspect of anyone’s career, you cannot just wait for a promotion or do the same thing you have always been doing, you have to analyze where you want to go and what it is that you are doing which is considered wrong. Measuring your professional growth is necessary, especially in the network marketing world.

The 1st Way: Practice Personal Development Plans That Are Data-Driven.

The first thing that one should do is to work on collecting the data they have, as they all are sitting on a goldmine of data, and when this data is processed properly it can help you drive yourself to better experiences as an employee or a worker, or even as a business owner

The 2nd Way: Keep Your Eyes On Movement And Growth That Is Flexible.

People think that vertical movement is the only direction that progress can take. The direction towards any movement should be considered as something of a growth as well. People think that becoming a leader is what you have to do as an employee after some 20 years, but this shouldn’t be the case for everyone. 

It is up to you to coach yourself to find that movement and find what makes you feel flexible in your work. The organization needs to have a plan that helps its employees to be free and creative and makes them want to work well in a fluid motion. Just forcing them to become managers or leaders won’t be beneficial for your company. Telling them to be a little fluid, and excelling in some things that make them better is what they should do.

Many companies like Unilever did this, they didn’t make everyone into managers, they let the designers be designers, the chemists be chemists, they know every gear should work as its own thing, and not be turned into another thing. Knowing your employees is the first step to making their growth and their movement as per their expertise.

The 3rd Way: Keep Monthly Goals.

This is very important, knowing where you are going is essential to measure your growth in your professional development. So, what you need to do is you need to mark a place where you would like to be professionally at the end of the year or month, you can even make weekly goals, as in the end, they will combine to become something more.

Therefore, be a little assertive, be a little goal-oriented and go for that promotion, or that project or that business. First of all, make you feel flexible in your movement and work, and then make achievable goals towards it.

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