8 times actors hated their own movies

We all have our own actors and actresses that we know and love. However, many actors have found themselves in roles and projects that they didn’t necessarily like. Whether they be in the movies that we’ve grown up watching, or the big hits that we saw on dates or hangouts, there are a surprising amount of actors and actresses that were less than satisfied with the experience and films they had taken part in creating. From blockbusters like Star Wars to lesser known movies. Some actors are caught in contract traps, some found the project to be of lower quality than expected, and some find themselves trapped in the shadows of their former roles.

Star Wars

In the very first Star Wars, Alec Guinness received an incredibly underwhelming reaction relative to his very successful career beforehand. In his book “A Positively Final Appearance”, Alec Guinness actually signed a young boy an autograph as long as the boy would never watch Star Wars again.

Back to the Future

Crispin Glover, the father of Marty McFly, actually disagreed with the end of the movie entirely. He believed that when the characters became rich, it gave off a bad message to the viewers. The reward from that adventure being their characters getting rich should not have been there, in his opinion.


Though it may be a classic, and she didn’t hate the story, her performance is not really one she is proud of. “Really, really? You did it like that?” She says in a 2012 interview. She also showed her disdain for her American Accent.


Ben Affleck talked about how he hated that movie so much. It was not his favorite role, but it inspired him to take on Batman and get a movie of this kind right.


Catwoman, starring Halle Berry, actually received a reward for getting the worst actress award. She expressed her gratitude to Warner Bros for casting her in a piece of s—-, god awful movie. “It was just what my career needed— I was at the top, now I’m at the bottom.”


This is what Jamie Foxx had to say about his military sci-fi film “Stealth”.

“Sometimes you do a movie and you have to go promote it, so on ‘Stealth’ I was like, ‘Yeah this is the greatest.’ And people would see me after seeing the movie and say, ‘I can’t believe you lied to me like that.’

The Bourne Ultimatum

With the final Bourne film trilogy being praised highly by the critics, Matt Damon was not quite as happy with the final product.

“It was unreadable. This is a career-ender.”

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

To put it simply, Jessica Alba did not particularly enjoy working with the director that told her to cry prettier.

All of these actors are big names in Hollywood, and it just goes to show that— no matter what level you’re working at— you are not going to enjoy every job. It pays to be careful what roles you accept! But it also pays to make these mistakes, learn, and have your own adventures in the acting world.

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