Does Your LinkedIn Profile Need a Makeover

With the loss of face-to-face meetings, hiring managers and recruiters are using social media and the Internet— now more than ever— to get information on possible hires. One of the most widely used websites is LinkedIn. 40 million people are using this very platform for job searches each week and three people are hired every minute. Don’t belittle the importance of a good LinkedIn Profile. Now see if yours passes the test:

Headline Test

You need to make the best first impression you can possibly make. The very first thing that LinkedIn profiles’ show off is your headline. Every bit of your profile is an opportunity to show what you can bring to the table. You need to go beyond the default headline that lists your job title and company that you work for. Use keywords that describe your niche and skills, and add that you are actively looking for a position— if you are. Here is an example.

“Jane Doe | Marketing Strategists | Digital Branding | Data Analytics | Experienced and Available for Full-Time Opportunity”

Give them all they need to know and more.

About Section Test

They made it past your headline. Now, they’re going to be reading your “About” section. This is your chance to tell them that you’re the one for the job. So here are some questions to ask yourself. Are you writing in the first person? Writing in the first person allows people to see that your profile is more relatable, personable, and real. Are you showcasing your achievements? Show off a percentage increase that was caused by something you did, this will show your skill and value that you have actually added to your previous employers. Do you talk about why you do what you do? Show your passion, tell your story, tell them why you’re doing what you’re doing. Most employers are looking for people they like, and if your values resonate at all with their values— you might just have scored the job. Is it organized? We may be asking you to add more, but make sure everything you write— no matter how much— is organized! Make those paragraphs short, make them easy to read, give them headings to find what they need, and give them an experience!

Photo Test

Your profile’s chances of being viewed is— not doubled, not tripled, but actually a word we don’t know. Your profile’s chances of being viewed is 14 times more likely to be clicked when you add a picture. Get a professional headshot. If you want to make the most out of your profile, get someone who knows what they’re doing to show off the best parts of you to get you the job you want. Make sure you’re dressing the part and puff up your chest, give the camera an engaging expression, and wait for the job offers to come in.

Recommendation Test

There is absolutely no limit to the number of recommendations that you can request and receive. Have you ever bought a product that was reviewed 1 star on Amazon? Definitely not. However, a product that has scored 5 stars across the board does seem a bit more appealing doesn’t it? When you are selling your product— in this case ‘selling yourself’— you want to show its quality through trustworthy sources.

Ask yourself these questions. Give your profile the test. LinkedIn is about informing your (hopefully) future employer about you, but also making the best first impression that you can. Follow these tips and you’ll have made quite a bit of the journey, but you still have a ways to go! Good luck out there!

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