7 Digital Marketing Trends for 2021 You NEED to Know

2021 is here, and it’s time to leave the madness of 2020 behind. Looking back, it was quite a year that we went through. It has also given us a lot of information on what works in these times. With eCommerce sales going through the roof, a whole lot more time on social media, and video conferencing going on in every room of the house, what does this mean for marketing? As we step into a new year, here are some key trends that you need to consider.

Live Streams

With stay at home orders and the growing pandemic, in-person events completely canceled, how did people who make their livelihood off of these events adapt? How did people who regularly enjoy in-person events cope with the loss of their favorite pastime? People turned to live-streams. Whether it was an online life hack, branded live-stream, or a video from their favorite celebrity— live viewings on Facebook alone spiked by 50% during lockdown. Viewings on Instagram surged 70%. Even Amazon with Amazon Live allowed influencers to promote their favorite products in live events while customers were able to listen and shop through the widely used platform.

Goodwill and Purpose

When was the last time you decided, willingly, to go to a shady business to get products you need? It is so important, now more than ever, to have an element of transparency and goodwill to establish yourself as a trustworthy source. This has been a staple in past businesses, but this next year especially puts a more emphasized importance on creating that trust.

User-Generated Content

Customer experience has never been this important. Consumers are craving enjoyable experiences with brands that are easy and memorable. They want proof before they buy that they have made the right decision. User-generated content is all about creating that experience. It builds and strengthens communities, is relatable and uplifting, enables brands to meet customers where they’re already hanging out, and helps brands to generate tons more content against a backdrop of stay-at-home orders and restrictive measures. UGC is an incredibly important way for brands to forge relationships with their customers.


81% of consumers feel that every company should help improve the environment. That number is actually not surprising considering that there has been a shift where the most popular brands have moved toward a more sustainable future. Whether it be through materials or packaging or systems, displaying your acts of kindness toward the environment has been shown to increase clientele. Even more than gaining new customers, however, it is hugely important for every company to think about how they can conduct business in a way that is beneficial— or at least safe— for the environment. This is important to the people because it is important for humanity as a whole to make a movement to keep our planet healthy!

As time goes on, new marketing trends make their way to the surface. However, their core concept is the same. Creating a business that shows its trustworthiness and uprightness in its beliefs and partnerships. Being trustworthy and marketable starts with this— be trustworthy, then you can let people know. Good luck on your ventures this year!

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