5 Fitness Games to Make It Fun

Staying fit and healthy through exercise and any other physical activity is hard enough when you are doing it on your own, so imagine how it feels when you have to get kids to do it as well. Furthermore, because of all the advancements in technology and digitalization in everything, the kids of the new generation are lazier than ever. Going out, running, and playing in the park with their friends is something that is not part of their daily routine. Most of the time they are either on their tablets and computer or even if they play with friends, that too is through online games. So, in this day and age, getting kids to do some physical activity can be difficult.

The kids of the digital age are smart, and the only way to get them to do what it is that you want them to do is to be smarter and more creative than them. If it’s the games that the kids are into, then why not use them to make them stay fit and healthy. There are plenty of fitness games available online that you can use to make these fitness activities more fun and interesting for your kid. Some of them are;

  1. Arm and Leg Tag

This might be one of the most fun tag games that your kids would be introduced to. According to the rules of this game, if somebody tags you on any of your arms or leg, you have to play the rest of the game without using them. This means that if your co-player tags you in your leg, then you play the rest of the game hoping on your one leg since you can use the tagged one anymore.

  • Obstacle Course

As children, we loved making everything an obstacle and tried our best to cross it. Doing so really gave us a sense of accomplishment. So why not make our kids feel the same. Designing the obstacle course is not that hard. You can make one with your furniture pieces as well. Or you can make one outside if the weather is nice. Adding a time limit to it would make it more fun and challenging.

  • Paint Ball

No matter which generation, children have always loved getting their hands dirty. And it’s even more fun when you add color to it.

  • Treasure Hunt

According to psychology, our interest and motivation to do something increase exponentially when you add a reward to it. Do your kids have a favorite food item that they have been wanting to eat for a while now. Or you have hidden their favorite toy somewhere. Well, this is the perfect opportunity to design a treasure hunt in your house.

  • Maze

There are a certain fun and joy in getting lost only to find your way outside. And that’s the entire concept of a maze, I guess. You can also go ahead and add certain rewards at some of the stops of the maze. These can also be an indication to the children that they are going in the right direction.

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