How to interact with your loved ones safely during the pandemic

Ever since the beginning of the year, all the countries and their citizens are trying their best to fight and survive the COVID–19 pandemic. Some countries have ordered a complete lockdown, some have imposed a country-wide curfew, while some have temporarily closed off crowded places like marriage halls, museums, and indoor dining. All these rules and restrictions are there to limit the social contact among individuals and hence, the spread of the virus. And while the general population does understand that these restrictions are only there to keep us safe, they can’t help but feel sad over the fact that the same restrictions are also keeping them away from meeting their loved ones.

What’s even worse is that these are the times when we need our loved ones the most. The uncertainty of it all can make people anxious and stressed. And being locked up within the four walls of our home, with limited to almost no social contact does not help either. So, one wonders, how can we stay connected to our loved ones. To help you all, here are some of the ways you can do that;

  • Video Calls

If there is anything fortunate about this whole situation, it’s the fact that we are going through it all during a time when we have technical and digital facilities. Through the luxury of the internet and all the social media platforms that allow video calling, we are not only able to talk to our loved ones, but also see them.

This becomes extremely helpful and important when there is some event happening at your home, like a birthday or anniversary, and your loved ones couldn’t attend in person because of the COVID. The best we can do in such a situation is to schedule a zoom meeting and have them joined virtually.

  • Share as much of your life as you can

These platforms also allow us to stay connected with our loved ones with features that help us share bits and pieces of our lives with them. Sending images to our loved ones couldn’t be easier and more fun. So, the next time you bake your favorite cookies, or try a new recipe, make sure to share pictures with your family and friends. These little gestures and acts may seem small on the surface but go a long way in maintaining the relationships. These small things are what keeps our loved ones updated about what’s happening in our lives.

  • Write them a letter

Might be a little old-fashioned, but simple and thoughtful things like these still play a significant role in making the other person feel good and special. There is just something so magical and special about the fact that somebody decided to sit down and write you a letter. Especially for the elders of your family, there is no greater gesture than receiving a handwritten letter. They will read it all the attention and focus in the world, and during the whole time, they would be smiling. You even don’t need to worry if you have never written a letter before. It won’t matter what you write, the gesture itself would be enough.

So, in case you have a loved one that you haven’t met for a long time because of the pandemic, and miss interacting with them, try doing so through the above-mentioned ways. By no means are they equivalent to, or would make up for, meeting them in person, but this is the best you can do right now. And isn’t that what this whole year has been about; making the most with what little we have got.

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