Having an Email Marketing List Is Better Than ANY Social Media

As time goes on, social media usage continues to rise, and emails become more obsolete— marketing seems like it should shift toward social media also. While emails seem old-fashioned, marketing to people’s emails is actually even more powerful. Email is one of the best ways to generate leads and build awareness. It doesn’t make any sense? Well here are 6 reasons why.

Email marketing helps you build relationships and credibility

You may know one or two people that go to the exact same place to eat over and over again, or stick to one brand or store to buy. With your name in their inbox, people will become more and more familiar with that name. Rather than seeing an ad or a social media post meant for the masses, getting an email that is directed toward specific people is a much more personalized approach to marketing. It allows them, in turn, to have a more appealing opportunity of reaching out to you and talking with you.

Email marketing keeps you top of mind

91% of consumers check their email on a daily basis, so there’s not a large chance that they are going to miss your emails. While people may check social media multiple times a day, an ad can be scrolled over. However, a personalized message from you in an email is way more likely to be read and interacted with.

Email marketing is inexpensive

Email is a much more inexpensive way to reach people who are interested in hearing from you and communicating with them regularly. Whereas investing in ads is a more costly process. It is free to send an email, and it is free to post on social media. However, to use a post as a more effective marketing tool will be more costly than investing more time into emails.

You own your list

Your amount of friends and followers are always fluctuating. When you own a list, however, you have a permanent group of people that are within your reach. People are in control when it comes to emails. There is no algorithm or search that is being controlled by an algorithm. Emails are plain and simple— you reach out to prospects and clients.

Email marketing converts better than social media

Emails are actually more effective ways to acquire customers than social media, according to a study by McKinsey and Company. When products are marketed through email, people actually spend 138% more than those who do not receive email offers.

Email drives visitors to your website

Email marketing is actually the most effective when it comes to funneling traffic to your website. This gives you a way to track which parts of your website are attracting more interest.

There you have it. Those are six reasons for you to get to marketing through email rather than social media. One of the most powerful things that it has in comparison to social media is that it creates a more personalized experience. If it were a metaphor, an email is a conversation where social media is a billboard. While there may be opportunity to market to more people, creating a genuine connection to get a prospect to a loyal customer still comes down to one person to another— saying this product is going to help you in life. 

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