10 Blogs Actors Should Know

As an actor, there are tons of resources out there for you to access and blogs from directors, actors, writers that are trying to make it through the same industry that you are a huge help. Here is a list of the blogs that YOU should absolutely look into to get some tips and tricks, remind you you’re not alone, and give you perspective you need to land you a new job.


Living in New York? Going after Broadway? This is your blog. Check out the headlines to find what you want to know. Theater news and reviews. All you need if you’re on this specific scene is right here.


Brent Rose took on a full-time job to get away from acting to tell everybody about acting. He created a video blog to keep up his acting chops and came up with an idea. He has made 50 unique characters in 50 weeks. Though not every video is going to change your whole approach to acting, this vlog site definitely has some interesting takes on acting that could really hone your craft.


The director of “The 1 Second Film” offers a cool insight into the work of an indie film and video director by showing every detail of his artistic process. With the in-depth, behind-the-scenes look, the blog could almost be called inspiring as a filmmakers journal.


Back Stage in general actually has multiple blogs that could prove useful to aspiring actors, but unscripted, specifically, is a window into the lives of actors that will give you countless blogs to identify with.


If you’ve heard of the Hollywood Reporter, this is one of their three best blogs that I have to recommend. They are up-to-date, well-reported, and lacking the bit of snark from other Hollywood blogs. 


An L.A. based performer, for those pursuing their careers in the area, actually created a space for actors to promote and market themselves. It is also advice oriented! Well-known actors have voiced special tips with quotes and video clips, and a great spot for actors to grow— whether through learning or through marketing!

These resources can make a huge difference in your career. Life is hard, sometimes it feels like acting is harder. Or maybe it’s the other way around. Either way you say it, these blogs are here to help us through it— and help us improve. Just like this one! So take the new knowledge and get more new knowledge.

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