Online Quizzes That Can Help You Figure Out Which Career Is Meant For You

Choosing a career is tough decision. One can always make this decision based on their interest or what is trending nowadays and pays well.  If you are one of those people who have no idea what to do in your professional life and have no special interests that you want to make money off of, there is an easy way around. You can take an online quiz that will do this job for you. There are several tests available online. Most of them have comprehensive interest, preferences and personality assessment sections. From all of this data, the quizzes then match your top career priorities to your interests, and recommend a job that you can do. 

If you are ready to figure out what job is best for you, here are some quizzes that you can take:

My Next Move: O*Net Interest Profiler

“My Next Move” is a website that provides free job quizzes and helps you identify your career interests and preferences. This website is sponsored by U.S Department of Labor.

Result section of the above mention website has a “current job zone” where you also easily look for job opportunities on the basis of your current experience. You can also create your profile for future jobs on that portal.

What Career Is Right For Me: Career Aptitude Test

This above mentioned website has a unique kind of approach where they ask you to rank your skill, set your interest, values, and work style. They also ask you how much money you would like to make and also your potential growth. Plus the quiz is free. Various Tests

“” is a website that offers four types of assessment options:

  • A career interest inventory
  • A career personality test
  • A career values assessment
  • A career skills profiler

You can take all of these tests or only one, based on your personal needs. However, the site is not free. It can cost you up to $19.95

Truity: The Big Five Personality Test

This site also provides free career personality test, and you can discover more about yourself in a few minutes time. The results will also show you how much self-discipline you have or if you are an introvert or an extrovert. Here you can get a basic report free but a full report will set you back by $19.95

CareerExplorer: Career Test

It is a comprehensive career test which measures your history, goals, interest, workplace compatibility and personality traits. It takes 20-minutes to complete the test and then you get personalized career insights. Basic report is free and it costs $3 for premium report. Career Aptitude Test

This is another free career test website which answers your queries on sliding scale. In this site you have to choose your favorite and least illustrated activity and after answering more than 15 questions you get a “Holland code” which provides result based on John Holland’s theory. The test is also free.

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