Loose Leaf vs Conventional Tea Bags

Nowadays people prefer teabags to loose tea leaves as tea bags are easier and more convenient to use. But when we go into detail, we come to know that loose tea leaves are more useful than tea bags. Following are some main reasons to prefer loose tea leaves to tea bags:

Tea leaves need proper space to brew and expand to their full size so their original flavor and aroma are absorbed. But when these leaves are packed inside a paper bag as in teabags the tea leaves don’t get proper space to expand and brew so their true flavor and aroma are not absorbed. The size of the tea bag limits infusion ability.

Loose tea leaf is preferred to conventional tea bags because the leaves used in tea bags are mostly of low grade like dust and fanning which are small in size having less surface area so they don’t expand properly and hence the minerals, vitamins and essential oils in them are not absorbed by water completely. While the tea leaves used in loose tea are of good quality, they get proper space to expand and brew so they have a large surface area through which water can absorb maximum minerals, essential oils, and vitamins.

The tea leaves used in tea bags are usually cheap in flavor and aroma while the loose tea leaves are rich in flavor and aroma. The loose tea leaves are also a good source of vitamins and essential oils while the tea leaves packed in tea bags are not enough good sources of vitamins, minerals, and essential oils.

The small-sized and low-quality tea leaves used in tea bags when steeped release more tannins than good quality large-sized loose tea leaves which results in a much bitter taste. To neutralize this bitter taste people usually add sugar or milk to their tea while for people who like to enjoy the real rich flavor of tea, tea bags aren’t preferable.

The flavor of tea leaves is affected by the type of material used for the manufacture of teabags. In contrast, loose tea leaves are fresher and richer in flavor and aroma.

The tea leaves in tea bags are mixed with additives, artificial flavors, artificial aroma, and preservatives which are harmful to us. The teabag itself is coated and treated with many chemicals these tea bags when dipped in boiled water get absorbed in water and then through there direct enter our bloodstream.

Teabags are also harmful to our environment. They contain microplastics and other materials besides paper which are not easily degradable and will remain in our environment for long period and cause air land and sea pollution. Recent searches have proved that the microplastics used in teabag packaging are several orders of magnitude higher than plastic loads previously reported in other foods. Some premium teabags might be leaving billions of microscopic plastic particles in your cup.

All of these points suggest that using loose tea leaves is more favorable than using tea bags.

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