How to celebrate a healthy, happy holidays during COVID-19

Holiday season is around the corner but this time celebration means different than it used to do before. Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, it is very important to celebrate and have fun as mental health has suffered the most during Covid-19 due to unconventional curbs in socializing but at the same time it is crucial to be smart and safe while celebrating because the threat of Covid-19 has not subsided yet and the health of families is most important especially for the seniors who have reduced immunity owing to the age and multiple underlying health conditions.

Before even considering celebrating this season, there are three basic rules to adhere to i.e. cover your face with an appropriate mask, ensure social distancing of at least 6 feet apart, and frequently wash your hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds. Apart from these basic precautions there are some other steps that can be taken to ensure that this season our celebration is safe for us as well as our family members including the elders:

  • Covid-19 confirmed patients and Covid-19 suspected patients should avoid getting together for celebrations and they should keep themselves quarantined for the health of other family members.
  • Even if you used to travel to see family and the families used to avail the holiday season to get together this year we have to reduce the travel to minimum as travelling has been the biggest reason for spread of this pandemic. You can always catch up with your family via video link this year and you will be ensuring that your family especially elders are safe from Covid-19.
  • In the case that it gets very important to travel then it is better to first research the number of Covid-19 cases in the area where you wish to travel to. There are certain travel advisories for Covid-19 hotspots and you should avoid travelling to those places at all cost.
  • If you get a yearly flu vaccine shot then remember that it is more important than ever to get a flu shot ahead of the holiday season this year. Flu shot does not only save you from the common flu but it also ensures that as a result of widespread holiday celebrations, unnecessary hospitalizations are avoided at the hospitals therefore ensuring that sufficient beds are available at the hospitals for Covid-19 patients in need of hospital care.
  • Avoid indoor gathering of a large crowd. It is recommended by health authorities all over the globe that indoor gatherings for celebrations should be avoided and if necessary then the gathering should be minimum and basic precautionary measures should be adopted. In the matter that the crowd exceeds, then it is advisable to move the celebration outdoors where there is proper ventilation.
  • This season it is better to keep high-risk persons from attending any close contact, indoor celebration no matter how important it is because elders and people with multiple underlying conditions are more susceptible to getting infected and becoming seriously ill.

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