Websites that are worth investing in to get you an acting gig

Gone are the days when struggling actors had to change cities and visit studios after studios to submit their portfolios and get acting gigs. Now, fortunately, we have casting websites for all this. The traditional, door-to-door method was too time-consuming and you had no way of figuring out whether you were even trying for the roles that you want or not. But with the help of casting websites, not only are you saving yourself plenty of time, money, and effort, but you are also making sure that you are doing an effort in the right direction.

However, no system, method, or way is perfect and comes with 100% surety that you will get the results that you want. There are still some casting websites that might not help you. You have to search for the best of them and invest in them. Luckily, we took the responsibility of that for you, and here are the top 5 casting websites that you should be investing in to get the acting gig you want,

  • Backstage

When Backstage was first established, back in 1960, it was just a magazine that only published updates about industry and casting calls. Now that it is online, it is much more than that. It is a platform that helps you connect with millions of talented people. Actors can find the roles that they want while filmmakers can choose the actors that they want.

And although being a member is mandatory, their subscriptions start from as low as $9.99.

  • Actors Access

Along with its sister company, Breakdown Express, Actors Access gives you more details about all the available roles. This helps you focus more on the right roles rather than you applying for every one of them without having much information. And unlike other casting websites, Actors Access also has an option of free profiles.

  • Casting Networks

Probably one of the most efficient and updated websites as it was just launched in 2002, Casting Networks is one of the best websites if you are looking for information on the best casting directors and which companies are hiring them. Their extraordinary services are the reason that Fox broke their 46 – year old deal with Breakdown Services and shifted to the Casting Networks in 2017.

  • Playbill

Playbill is probably the most known casting website. The reason is that it is the most credible source of all the theater news. There are new acting gigs available every day on Playbill and you can also trust the free casting calls.

  • Casting Frontier

Among the lists of new websites, Casting Frontier pretty much follows the same software and goal that the casting network does. The only advantage is that, with Casting Frontier, you do not have to pay any extra charges to submit for a role or gig. If you have subscribed for their basic plan then you do that for free.

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