Online Therapy… Does it Work

Mental health awareness has taken up the world by storm in recent years. It has effectively broken the stigma surrounding mental health and more people are open to the idea of therapy sessions nowadays. The Internet has also helped a lot in promoting good mental health. The internet has helped in both the awareness and treatment aspects of mental health. E-therapy or also known as teletherapy is a new avenue for mental health treatment opened up by the internet.

Previously, online therapy options were limited to people who didn’t like to go to in-person sessions or somehow lacked the option and facility of in-person therapy sessions. But, during the COVID-19 crisis, keeping in mind the social distancing measures many in-person psychotherapies are converting into online therapies out of necessity and demand of the moment.

Before the world went into lockdown, online therapy offered access to information and treatment regarding mental health to people living in far off and remote areas where personal psychiatrists and therapists were limited or not available. Even people who had access to these facilities relied on online therapy for the sole reason that having to drive long distances and take time out of busy schedules just to seek therapy felt like a burden to most people. In this sense, online therapy provides people a quick and accessible treatment facility that might not have been available otherwise. 

Online therapy is also a blessing for people with disabilities and people who are housebound. Mobility seems to be a big issue when it comes to availability and access to mental health care. This is not just the issue of patients or clients. A therapist working out of his home may also not be able to accommodate all of his patients and clients.

Apart from that, online therapy is an affordable and convenient mode of treatment. No proper seating arrangement and designated space are required for these sessions. This cuts down the cost of actual designated space, clinic, or office otherwise necessary for therapy. This is cost-effective for both the therapist and the client. This affordability can be helpful for people whose health expenses are not covered by health insurance. 

Online therapy also makes mental health treatment more accessible. People generally find talking about physical health issues easy to their friends and family as compared to their mental health issues. Online therapy makes it easier to overcome this stigma that has been attached to mental health issues.

Online therapy is also an excellent tool to spread information about psychological health. People can learn more about health behaviors and coping strategies that eventually lead to better psychological health and good mental head space. A person does not need to be clinically diagnosed with a condition to benefit from therapy sessions.

Overall, online therapy is a good platform and convenient tool for people who seek professional help regarding their mental health.

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