How to lead your business virtually

Covid-19 has forced people from all careers of life to shift their work to home or work from home as it is called. Even after a year this strategy is being implemented in all businesses across the globe and from the looks of it, it is not going to go away any time soon. And tech giants are already working on strategies to make it a permanent part of their career i.e. to work from home.

Business are preferring work from home or virtually working as part of ensuring health and also to cut cost. But it is not the same for the business leader and the team to work virtually. As the team has to juggle with the responsibilities at home, an effective leader has to implement leadership skills remotely by ensuring that the team stays on schedule.

1. It is time to make long term goals a priority again

Although Covid-19 restrictions and working virtually has hampered the pace of progress of business leaders and their teams, it has also forced them to divert their attention from long term goals to short term goals which do not span for more than a week. This pandemic has brought with it a wave on uncertainty but as a coach for your team you should bring the focus back to long term goals as working virtually is starting to become the new normal. As changes in lifestyles have been made, leadership requires changes too. Let your long term goals define the momentum of your team as it strives to achieve the short term targets.

2. Let your team know what you expect from them

This rule remains crucial in virtual work environment as it was before. Time is of the essence and every team member is expected to churn out certain outcome in that limited time. While working virtually, a business leader makes sure that he communicates his expectations to his team as it is getting acclimatized with the lifestyle adjustments required to work virtually. Communicate your expectations through various channels so that they get used to it.

3. Virtual meetings need to be chaperoned

As a business leader you have to set rules for virtual meetings. Apart from being punctual there are certain limitations that have to be put in so that virtual meetings can be carried out smoothly with maximum coaching for the team in the minimum time and with least distractions. These guidelines can include instructions for the employees to stay in front of the camera, stop everything else that they are doing and only asking questions at the end of the meeting when the channels is open for discussion.

4. Help your team stay connected informally as well

Covid-19 pandemic also affects the mental health which stems from the feeling of being alone and having less social contact. Therefore, as a business leader it is your duty to keep the culture of friends at work alive and promote sending informal texts to each other in order to check up on them and share your life with each other.

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