Google’s Rank Brain Algorithm Explained in 500 Words

Google changes its search engine algorithm numerous times during a year. This is where all SEOs put in the hard work to keep their content relevant and better ranking than the competition. Google is set to improve their search engine to provide relevant results in the shortest possible time. One such initiative taken by Google is to incorporate Artificial Intelligence in its search engine to refine the results for the user and also reduce the time taken to gather those results. Google calls it RankBrain and it is fascinating.

In short, RankBrain is an algorithm developed by Google to process the query entered by a user, to make sense of that suits the user best, and gather results all very swiftly.

Question that arises is: every Google algorithm used to work like this so what has changed? Answer is almost everything. Before RankBrain, all algorithms of Google were coded by humans and the result was an algorithm. RankBrain is hand coded but it also has the ability to refine itself on the way as it processes billions of search results every day.

RankBrain constantly polishes itself and tries changes to its algorithms. It plays with the content type, date of the content and the credibility of the website etc. once results are presented, RankBrain monitors the actions of user and if the user seems unsatisfied then RankBrain automatically rubbishes the old algorithm and rolls out a new one after reverting back to the old algorithm.

In a fun activity, search engineers at Google tried to select a page which according to them suited a query most and so did RankBrain. As a result of this activity, in almost 10 percent of the instances, RankBrain selected a better page for a query than the engineers; this is a truly stunning performance from an AI algorithm.

It is an established fact that RankBrain has improved search activity of Google. Therefore any rumors that plug will be pulled on RankBrain are baseless. It is better to learn what other problems RankBrain solves while helping Google with the user satisfaction.

Google has stated that every year in all queries searched by users on its search engine, 15 percent queries are novel that have never been searched before. Before the introduction of RankBrain into their algorithms, Google had to carefully go through pages and scan for relevant keywords to fetch a result better suited for the individual. It also meant that Google did not try to understand the context in which the user was searching for a certain query. It sticks to the broken down keywords instead to refine its research.

RankBrain has changed the approach altogether. RankBrain understands the context which led the user to enter a particular search query and returns with accurate answers without fail. It relates the query with the queries that contained similar words and returned certain results that were satisfactory for the users.

In a nutshell, RankBrain looks for a context in your query and then presents the result that best relate to it.

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