How YOU can be a coach for your employees

Coaching skills are crucial for the success of business. Sometimes they compete with the effective leadership in having a significant impact on the output of a business. Continuous coaching of the workforce makes them better adapted to the performance of the company and ensures that employees are retained, groomed, educated, and polished with the passage of the time that they spend in a company. Coaching is also an effective method for trickling down the hierarchy some hard learned lessons.

Leadership built on the platform of coaching is proving to be more effective than the conventional authoritative leadership that only supervises the employees as they obey a certain set of commands. Coaching leadership promises building of a workforce who is healthy for the business and ensures that their talents are nurtured as the business grows.

How to coach your employees as a leader

As we have established now that coaching leadership is the way forward, now we will discuss how you can effectively coach your employees while leading them in a business set up. Coaching is not an extra function of the leadership but it is an integrated part of it that will ensure that your team performs better and your business reaches new levels of success.

1. Recognize effort

Coaching is a mixture of reprimand and reward. If a leader keeps on criticizing the employees and only focuses on the things that are not working then it is a fact that employees will lose their morale and motivation to improve. An effective leader makes it a part of his business lifestyle to appreciate the employees for what they have achieved and at the same time coaches them in terms of how they can improve.

2. You have got to listen to your employees

A coach who is a leader is not always about saying things to the employees and blindly trusting that every word he says is being understood by the employees. Every employee has a lot to say about their work and the business of their company. an effective leading coach is the one who makes employee feel free to share their opinion and give an honest feedback.

3. Try to understand them

Being a leader you have to learn what the employees aspirations are and how they work a part of the team. This will complete the picture of how things get done after you have delegated a task. Getting to know their part of the story and understanding it is a way of refining your coaching skills so that the next time around you can form an effective means of coaching them and to get their productivity number up again.

4. Devise a way forward

A coaching conversation cannot be effective if it lacks a way forward. You can coach employees in the moment as much as you want but as long as there is a lack of what needs to happen next your employees are going to have no idea regarding what is expected from them as a part of your team.

Coach your employees that they need to refine themselves not for the company but to improve them as an individual.

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