How COVID Redefined How We Think About Home

This pandemic has introduced us all to new boundaries, possibilities, and priorities. It has changed our mindset about a lot of things. These include our jobs, expenses, education, transportation, and even our homes. This pandemic has left us home-bound and our homes, which were once our personal spaces and haven have now transitioned into our offices, classrooms, workshop, and much more. COVID-19 has forced us all to consider our spaces in a way we haven’t before.

Since the majority of the people are now confined to their homes with their usual daily routines stripped away from our schedules, most of us have come to know that time is no longer defined by a calendar. Of all the changes that COVID-19 has brought in our daily routines, redefining public and personal spaces is a significant one among other changes in the list.

Our physical parameters have now become limited and every inch of space that we own has now found a new significance. Our beds or sofas have now become our work stations. No proper working hours are assigned because work from home can be done at any time of the day.

Being stranded indoors has created an increased awareness of our spaces and how we can transform them to cater to our new needs and demands. New adjustments and arrangements are being made and we have started to notice small aspects that we wouldn’t have thought about normally in a pre-COVID world.

Moreover, with our physical spaces shrinking down with the global pandemic we have started to pay more attention to our personal spaces and who we share that space with. This involves people who live in our building, on the same street or block. We are getting to know our neighbours more for the first time in many years. COVID has forced us to pay attention to the people and things that are right in front of us.

This change will compel us to develop new ways to occupy and share our space in the post-lockdown world. Some of the new trends that we have been noticing are multigenerational homes that have been trending for years but now this trend is accelerating. People want to stay with their families under one roof. Real-estate agent Michelle Mumoli who works with The Mumoli Group at Triplemint, says:

“I think we are seeing families not wanting to consider assisted living facilities and instead of bringing their families together under one roof.”

The pandemic has been tough on families and not being able to see your loved ones is the major driving force behind this trend.

A new feature that peoples and builders are trying to introduce in our homes is a designated area for package drop-offs. Our current home designs aren’t necessarily caught up with contact-less package delivery and drop off need and a new home feature for that might be needed.

Nonetheless, it cannot be ignored that COVID has redefined the way we think about our homes and personal spaces.

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