Adobe AI Marketing Software

Adobe used to be known for its applications like Photoshop, and it still is, but a lot has been added to Adobe’s list of software. Adobe has now become one of the biggest software providers. It includes software for running business campaigns, which include images and written content for potential customers. Adobe’s marketing division has shown increasing growth and has helped boost up shares to 50% in the past year.

Adobe’s marketing software is constantly being evolved according to the demands of the customers and business owners. Now and then Adobe launches new features for its marketing division intending to help companies boost their sales and marketing campaigns. 

Keeping up with the trends and demands, Adobe has recently launched a new feature for its digital marketing division. This new feature includes a new set of artificial intelligence tools, which will help company owners step up their marketing game. This artificial intelligence feature is said to help in scanning and labeling thousands of product images by color, shape, subject, or other filters. This artificial intelligence feature also has natural-language processing technology. This technology will help in reading articles and other forms of written content, determining their subjects, and processing them accordingly.

This use of artificial intelligence for marketing will make marketing campaigns easier. Recommendation pop-up’s access will be easier as the target audience will be filtered through the artificial intelligence feature. This means showing a person browsing an e-commerce site a dress similar to ones they have previously viewed or a news website suggesting an article on a similar subject to the one just read.

Ali Bohra, director of the strategy and product marketing for intelligence services at Adobe, said in an interview that,

“This artificial intelligence technology has existed for several years but, was not used to its full potential. Probably because, using it to its full potential required corporate marketing departments to export data from their systems and work with another division of the business to use, slowing the work down. Adobe has placed the technologies directly inside the marketing systems, reducing the need to export data.”

Ali Bohra also added that,

“When you are thinking about the need to be agile and work in real-time, this is not a process that works very well.”

Carrie Bourke, Director Customer Analytics and Insights at Harvard Business Review commented on Adobe’s artificial intelligence program i.e. Adobe Sensei saying that,

“Adobe Sensei uncovers important information for our marketers while reducing manual processes.”

Adobe’s artificial intelligence program’s i.e. Adobe Sensei’s key features are:

  1. Delivering insights to inform decisions
  2. Optimizing and scaling experiences with real-time intelligence
  3. Prediction of customer behavior based on attributes, differences, and conversion factors
  4. Efficiently delivering one-to-one customer experiences at scale
  5. Personalizing marketing
  6. Organizing and managing assets for better ROI
  7. Engaging audiences with custom offers, subject lines, etc.
  8. Making edits quickly and accurately
  9. Prediction and forecasting of different budget scenarios
  10. Continuous monitoring of campaign performance to optimize delivery

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