Interior design Good mental health

A person’s feelings are greatly affected by what is surrounding him. The human mind reacts to different things around it. What affects a person’s mental health is a widely asked question nowadays, especially during this global pandemic situation, as in these days of global pandemic most of the people are undergoing mental health problems. Everyone answers this question differently depending upon the field of work they are related to. Recent studies show that the interior of a place also affects a person’s feelings and behavior greatly.

Psychology Tomorrow Magazine in its article “Aesthetics and well-being; How interior designing affects your happiness” published in July 2016 stated;

“It should not surprise us that interior designers are stealing some knowledge from psychology to improve the emotional impacts of a space. Some of the techniques used are persuasive design (Including persuasive elements into physical objects, such as sitting around the table to boost communication, instead of in front of the T.V) Spatial perception (Opening up some space to create a sense of freedom), and stimulation of natural elements (bringing in elements of nature to create an optimal atmosphere for relaxation and health). After all, it was the designers’ world that first started this debate, and the scientists proved them right”

Scientists also agree that architecture and interior design has a great impact on o person’s mind. The things present around a person influence him greatly. For instance, Blue colour slows down digestion, slows down the heart rate, and blood pressure imparting feelings of calmness.

Bobbie Combs, director of education and training, decorating Den interiors, of Meadville, explains;           

“The most impactful principle of design on mental health is a balance which means that all the furnishings in the space looks like they belong there. When the balance in the room is off or the furnishings don’t feel like they belong, it can make you feel uncomfortable. The most impactful element of design on mental health is color, which can alter your mood drastically depending on the main color used in the room”.

Interior designed with minimal items and including natural elements with light colour gives the feeling of calmness. Likewise, natural dark wood imparts a sense of warmth and comfort.

Things around us also have a role in our behaviour. One should always keep the things close to him with which they feel good and happy. Renewing a place doesn’t mean to throw the old things away. Those old things which give you a sense o happiness, calmness, and safety can be reused in different ways like changing their position.

Shapes of things also affect a person’s mind. It isn’t the walls and low roof that constricts a place but the things inside that room. To impart positive effects on a person’s mind light weight, playful and accessible to move furniture should be used. Cleaning your surrounding can also have therapeutic and empowering effects. A cluttered environment has been proven to drain energy and impart a negative effect on a person’s overall mood and self-image. The space around us reflects the care we have for ourselves. 

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