How to make your home eye safe

Most of us spend a lot of time in our homes. While home is usually considered a place to be lazy, carefree, there are some of things at home which pose a potential threat to the safety of our eyes. Such an injury can occur while you are doing everyday chores at home or when you have taken up a do-it-yourself home improvement project.

Statistics show that injuries occurring at home account for almost half of the overall eye injuries that are reported to ER and these injuries occur while doing very common and least hazardous household chores such as lawn mowing, cooking, cleaning, and even renovating your own garage. It means that if proper care is not taken then a place like home and a harmless activity like cooking can become a source of an injury that can even lead to permanent loss of eye sight. This is an optical nightmare and is not meant to be taken lightly.

Now, it is not the case that these activities as a whole are threatening for the safety of the eyes but the fact is that owing to the nature of these activities one can have their eye sight damaged beyond repair if they refuse to wear proper eye protection equipment. Eye sight is a gift for every human being and it is never too late to consider taking proper precautions while at home to protect this precious gift.

First and foremost, before taking on any activity at home, no matter how normal, you should wear protective glasses for the safety of your eyes. These glasses are usually certified by the local occupational safety authority and they are easily available at any hardware or DIY store. Every family who has the responsibility of doing certain chores at home should have one of these glasses as they are essential tools for protecting eyes from everyday injuries at home.

Statistics also reveal that of all the eye injuries occurring at home, nearly half of them have been reported by people while they were working in their backyard or a garden. This happens when we use mechanical tools for trimming and mowing for landscaping. These activities result in debris small in size but moving at a very high rate of speed, which can hit an eye and cause serious injury.

Safety goggles must always be worn while working with any power tools. They are also essential while handling chemicals such as herbicides, insecticides, as well as strong cleaning agents such as detergents and drain openers. Also carefully read labels on every chemical before using it as most of the time these labels contain necessary first-aid information for an event if a chemical droplet makes its way into your eyes or its fumes cause irritation.

It is also necessary to ensure that your hands are washed thoroughly before you touch your eyes. This is to ensure that no foreign particle even a minute bacteria or virus is introduced into your eyes by the touch of your hand. In order to ensure that it is advised to wash your hands because as a human being we are in a habit of frequently touching our faces unconsciously.

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