How to foster collaboration in your team

Successful business has one thing in common and that is a multitalented team of individuals utilizing their talents to work for a common goal. In an ideal world, such a team can work in harmony and will make any business prosper tremendously.

The link which connects the team members is collaboration amongst them. Best format for a work force is team orientation. If you allow the team to collaborate with each other then there are ample chances that they will think inclusively and try to come up with genuine solutions towards a common problem from within. Successful team work means that the individual satisfaction will be ensured at the employee level as well as the customer level. But this is not something that can happen over-night. Collaboration building is a shift from individual thinking and achievements and you can start working on it in the following ways:

1. Let the team know what is expected from them

Cultivate collaboration in the team as the default acceptable criteria. Team members should have defined jurisdictions lined with the roles assigned to them and responsibilities that they are entrusted with. If collaboration is the minimum acceptable criteria, then individuals work hardest for the common good of the team and they have the satisfaction that they are responsible for the collective good of the team.

2. Get to know the team

Human beings are different and their strengths and weaknesses vary. Every team consists of different individuals forming a dynamic group. Spend time in knowing personality traits of all the team members on a standard format. Arrange a meeting with the team and discuss these results to know the strengths of every member and how their potential can be utilized to a maximum extent while complementing each other’s strengths.

3. Create cohesion amongst the team

No team member is unimportant and it is essential that every member knows that. This can be achieved by ensuring team participation in every meeting however large or small. Also convince the team members to share their personal achievements every day so that the team as a whole is one page regarding the progress that is being made. Making the team members privy to the development will make them more cohesive.

4. Use individual strengths for the collective good

While assigning tasks to the team members you have to be very careful as if the task is aligned with their strength then there are ample chances that they will excel in it and bring excellent results for the team.

5. Set a collective goal for the team

Divide the whole year into sizeable quarterly goals and then assign them to the team. Once a goal is assigned, team individuals work for the common goal. Discuss the progress of team and alter the goals if the need arises. Also ensure that your team also gives their input and the goals are then altered accordingly. Quarterly goals are easier to achieve, evaluate, and track for the team leader as well as the team members.

6. Indulge your team in a collaborative atmosphere

Foster an environment in the company where all members of the team are allowed to sit and brainstorm their way around a problem. Encourage your team members to question the hurdles faced by the team and then work as a team to overcome that hurdle with collective achievement.

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