How do you change a bed with someone in it

Taking care of bed ridden patients is difficult because as a hospice professional it is your responsibility to not only look after them physically but mentally as well. But there are other challenges that are more of physical in nature. One such challenge that care givers often find difficult to do is changing sheets of a bed when it is occupied by a patient who cannot move from it. Now, it is not advisable to leave the sheets as they can lead to infections and irritating bed sores. Therefore, it is necessary to change the sheets regularly for the health of your patient as well as to make them comfortable in a clean environment.

In order to make it easier, following steps can be taken to easily change sheets with a patient in bed that cannot move:

  • Being a challenge, making single handedly with a person in it is a mammoth task. Therefore, if you can get help it will make the process easier for you and will cause least discomfort to your patient through the process.
  • Your bed changing team should suit up properly and sanitize themselves before approaching the patient because of the looming threat of Covid-19. Gloves are also advised to be worn before the start of this task because it will protect you from any germs on the sheets as well as protect the patient from any germs that may be on your hands.
  • It is a task which takes some time to be done therefore you should greet the patient and let them know what you are about to do. Involving them in the process makes it less discomforting to them and will actually help you in the process.
  • Help your patient in turning to their side and hold them there or ask them to hold on to the side of the bed so that they can stay in that position. Meanwhile remove the dirty bed sheet from the empty side of the bed and roll it towards the back of the patient. Simultaneously put in a new bed sheet and roll it towards the back of the patient as well.
  • Now help your patient to take the other side and stay in that position meanwhile you completely remove the dirty sheet and put it away in a hamper. Next step will be completely laid down the new bed sheet on the other side of the bed too. Ensure that there are no wrinkles because they are one of the reasons of bed sores.
  • Lift your patients head a little and swap pillows one by one after changing their pillow covers. Just like sheet, put the dirty pillow covers in the hamper as well and make sure that there are no wrinkles left on the new pillow cases. Then you can adjust these pillows to the comfort of your patient.
  • Once this is done, ask your patient if he is comfortable in the new sheets and if there are any more wrinkles left to be removed. Make an assessment yourself as well. Finally if all is done then put on the blanket on your patient and greet them good bye and remove your disposable suit and gloved and put them in the hamper along with dirty sheets and pillow cases.

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