FREE Acting resources for you to improve at your craft

As an actor, being stuck inside your home because of the pandemic might not be best for your career but, unfortunately, you do not have many options. You cannot audition for roles, or socialize to build your network. Broadways and theaters are closed. Production of almost all the scheduled films has been postponed. Just like everything, the entertainment industry is also closed.

But the important thing here is to not lose hope. No matter how hard times can get, we have to stay strong and make the most of what we have got. And the same goes for the year of 2020. We have to learn how to effectively utilize this free time that the world has given us. Fortunately, we have facility of technology and internet with us. Through these, we still have a way of staying connected to the world, even if we are confined within the four walls of our home.

There are numerous sources available these days, that you can use to gain new skills and improve your craft. Some of them are;

  • Ace Your Audition

Delivering monologues is an essential part of an acting career and something that you cannot run away from. The mistake that most people make is that they think that delivering monologues is a piece of cake. They put the effort into learning other skills of acting, like accents or the art of delivering emotions, but not with monologues. And to some extent, monologues do seem an easy task to do, but not for the person doing them. Only the person who is good at delivering monologues knows the time and effort it took him to do so.

Then there also comes the art of learning the right monologues. You cannot just pick a random speech from any movie and learn it. As an actor, you have to be careful about learning the right ones. The ones that are relevant to the type of roles that you want to play.

Ace Your Audition site was specifically built to help actors with this. They have more than 1000 monologues in their catalog. These monologues are free to get to and what’s even better is that they are all categorized. Meaning that you do not have to waste time finding the right one.

  • YouTube

YouTube might have lost its reputation as a platform to share your talent and get discovered, but there is still loads of useful content available that can help you. And what’s even better is that it is completely free. You can search for guitar lessons and learn to play one while you are sitting in your home.

You can also create your channel and start sharing content. This way you can increase your audience, become more visible, and be able to generate some revenue as well. This is even better as the lack of working opportunities has affected all of us financially.

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