Questions to Ask Your Hospice Provider During the Pandemic

Covid-19 has brought with a new set of challenges for people belonging to all aspects of life. These difficulties have been challenging for the people who are struggling to find good home health care facilities for their loved ones who are old in age and more difficult if they are suffering from a terminal illness. In these circumstances it is of utmost importance that such patients get proper Medicaid but Covid-19 has made it impossible to find decent set up for them such as a hospice.

Therefore, if you are trying to get proper health care for your loved one in a hospice during Covid-19 then we recommend that you ask your hospice some questions to make the process of selecting hospice hassle free and convenient:

1. How to take care of your patient during Covid-19

Hospice and home health care professionals do not limit their services to the admitted patients. Most of them have a helpline where you can get guidance from professionals regarding caring for your patient even if admitting them in a hospice is not a necessity or an option (point in the case of Covid-19 when most hospice are not entertaining new entrants)

2. Do they make spiritual and mental health a priority?

Health care is the basic facility at any hospice, during pandemic after physical health; people are getting affected mentally and spiritually. This makes it even more important to ask your hospice regarding their plan for ensuring mental and spiritual well being of their patients. This can be in the form of bereavement groups or visits from the spiritual healers.

3. Are you visiting patients that are admitted in health facilities or at home?

In normal days, hospice staff makes regular visits to their registered patients when they are admitted in a hospital or even when they are at home. This is done to ensure that their patients are comfortable and satisfied with the treatment that they are getting. Medicaid also suggests that even during Covid-19 with proper precautionary measures, hospice staff can visit their patients unless they have been bound by their Covid-19 related health condition to avoid contact and quarantine themselves.

4. Are you taking proper Covid-19 precautionary measures?

It is important to know for sure that the hospice staff that is visiting your patient is free from any contagion such as Covid-19. Hospice professionals usually make sure that they adhere to the basic precautionary measures and use disposable Personal Protective Equipment when visiting their patients. It is also necessary to ensure that the hospice management is periodically screening their employees for suspected and infected employees so that they can protect their end-of-life patients from getting the disease.

5. Are they enrolling patients?

It is very important to know that because of Covid-19 restrictions hospice are limiting the number of patients that are enrolled in their program. Therefore, it is absolutely essential that you reach out to various hospice service providers well before the time that your patient becomes eligible to get such care so that when the time comes your patient can immediately get appropriate care in order to make their life comfortable to the maximum extent.

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