How to Delegate Effectively

Leaders are once super employees themselves. With the promotion to a leadership position they have to learn to be a leader as well which in effect means that they have to delegate the work to their team members as compared to doing it themselves.

There is a limit to how much you can observe the work by taking the task upon yourself of doing it. With the passage of time, being a leader, you have to take up more responsibilities and it will minimize the time and energy that you have to take up tasks for yourself to be done as an individual. This is where delegation of the work becomes important for the leader so that as the pressure mounts a leader should delegate the work to his team members.

Delegation does not mean that you take help from the members of your team as a leader and eventually do the work yourself. It means that you enable and sensitize your team members and achieve the goals together. It also means that you are empowering them while being there for them all the time. This is called enabling and it forms the basis of work delegation.

First rule of team coaching is that the team leader helps the team members form ideas of their own as opposed to thrusting their own ideas on them. Although this makes sense as the wise thing to do but as a basic instinct related to survival we do not trust others with the work but we rather demand an extended help from them. Therefore, as a leader you can follow the following steps to help you in delegation of work.

Motivate your team members

In the first conversation that you have with your team clearly state the team organization and how an individual team member plays a role in achieving a goal together. It is better to take individuals into confidence and to make them understand the team effort so that they are able to align their goals with that of the team. If not discussed in detail, people will try to justify their effort on their own and then there is a chance of their efforts getting misaligned from the efforts of the team.

Divulge into the capacities of team to incite commitment

A leader knows the capacity of their team. Leader should also break down the work and explain individual role that team members will play to bring about the completion of it. A leader should also disclose details of any extraordinary expectations that are expected from the team members. By doing this you can make sure that you and your team are on the same page and the outcome you are expecting and the outcome that your team is working for is the same. Communication is the key, therefore if there are precise details then precise instructions have to be passed on to the team with the confirmation that they have perceived the message in a similar manner as you intended it to.

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