Honors Classes… Are They Worth It?

Since last decade, Honors classes have come in to existence. These types of classes are best defined as the ones with “in-class and extracurricular activities that are deeper and complex than comparable learning experience and typically accredited to the higher education institutions.”

Mostly when students leave high schools they are choose honor courses over simple bachelors ones for many reasons. One of the main reasons is involvement of immediate gain in academic career. It can also help you elevate your educational status and look good on a CV.

Honor classes can also help students to rise to the challenge of hard work, making them more poised and confident. Greater work load allows the student to prepare to deal with intense situations and they can eventually handle difficult tasks own their own. These qualities can help them in their professional lives as well as personal lives.

What are honors courses?

You must have come across this term while searching through college websites. Basically honor courses are a “distinctive” way of teaching and learning. These courses give students new experience in more realistic environment. Classes are smaller; assuring student’s best possible attention in there specialization area. It embodies the principle of “quality over quantity”.

These courses have smaller number of students and classes are more goal orientated, focused and based in reality. They push students to their maximum potential limit. It can also get a little scary as well. Many students discard honors classes because of this. Students often think it will affect their GPA. However, honors classes can be an important instrument of success in professional life.

Basic purpose of these honor courses is to improve self-esteem and level of confidence of the students. These courses boost student’s probability to do work in limitation and produce better output in less time. Their objective is to show students how capable they are. Honors students are more accomplished, capable, confident and hard workers.

Negative aspects:

People often believe that honor courses students forget about other classes or activities. It is also said that they pay less attention to other courses and it could result in a GPA drop. It’s true that is hard to stay up to mark when you are under great pressure from some courses and not from others. Students can end up giving full attention to difficult courses and suffer the consequences in the ones they deemed easy. It can also create an endless cycle of pressure on students. The competitive environment can also lead to mental break down and may develop a vicious side in students.

Positive aspects:

Mostly classes are smaller and instructors pay more attention and time to on each student.it also allows students to clear their doubts and queries either face to face or by e-mails. In typical courses, due to large number of students it can be difficult for the teacher to answer every query. Another important advantage is that honor courses impress their future employers as it shows that you are a competitive and hard worker.

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