Holistic Psychology

Holistic psychology is a new school of psychology that says that human being is an entity on the whole and you cannot treat the mind of a person without considering factors like environment, lifestyle, physical health, and relationships. It is a little different than the traditional approach that just considers the human mind, the environment and their interaction as the are of focus.

Holistic therapy tries to help a person have awareness about mind, body, and spirit and the connections they from with each other. Proponents of holistic therapy try to help people accept who they are, where they are, and to take this understanding to a deeper level. They suggest that once a person has more control over all these aspects, they can help themselves heal. Therapists use several techniques to achieve these goals like relaxation, mediation, and visual imagery among many others. 

If you are considering trying this therapy, you should always try and look for a guru or therapist that is certified and has experience in counseling, social work, and clinical psychology. Many people who practice this therapy against the tenets of basic psychological science have come under fire recently. One of them is the Nicole LePera, a registered psychologist, who posts under the username @the.holistic.psychologist.

She had based her practice on belief of self-healing, but recently many of her two million followers turned against her. Their point of differences include the fact that LePera posts images and captions that are against the teachings of traditional psychotherapy, has rejected the idea of talk therapy for trauma patients, questions the value of DSM and have not shown support for African American mental health causes, especially even after widespread protest in America.

Holistic therapy can work wonders for you, especially if taken in combination with traditional therapy. If you are curious about it, your doctor can always recommend you to a certified psychologist who practices holistic therapy.

People who support this schools of thought have suggested that this form of therapy can help people treat anxiety disorders, major depressive disorder, trauma related disorders and stress related disorders. However, the people who are critical of this line of therapy have raised questions about this line of treatment and termed it as junk science. Here are some of the pro and cons that can be attributed to holistic psychology.


1.  Holistic therapy requires you to become more responsible about your health. It lets you take charge and ensure your overall wellness.

2. Usually holistic therapy does not cost as much as modern therapies and medicines.  Sometimes all you require is a mat to practice meditation.

3. Holistic therapies can work in conjunction with modern medicine. You can take best of both worlds and treat your problems in multiple ways at a time.


1. Methodologies used in holistic therapy may take some time to work. These are not medicines that you will take and will be magically healed. It takes time and effort on you part.

2. They require you to make serious lifestyle changes like going on a special diet, adopting a different mindset, and learning to overcome stressors in your life.

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