Child Care and Early Education in Crisis

Child care and early education is very important. It is a near universal fact that a good early education can breath the continuous cycles of poverty and lead to a better future. Everybody knows them importance of child-care and early education that why mothers are offered with vacations even after the delivery for the mom and child to develop a bond that can further help in early education and upbringing. This is a known fact that the firsts 5-7 years of a child’s education are very crucial and they have the path to a better future for the kid.

Though all these facts are wide open and tested but still funding for child-care and really education is the child is hard to find. Normally funders see potential college students as a good fund investment so their main priority is funding college programs or universities even after knowing how important early education is for the child. Funding for the early education is always hard to find. It is very hard to persuade an investor or funder to fund his money to early education.

It was already very difficult to find funding for early education of students, the covid-19 situation has made it even more difficult. Now the top priority of funders is to fund hospitals, food, health care products and creating a vaccine for this virus. Do it is not wrong to fund these products at the time of crisis, but we must pay attention to the fact that no one wants to fund early education of children. Part of it is due to the fact that the expenditure of the money is not visible to the fundees as much as it is visible in colleges or universities. Mainly in early education schools of children, the teaching techniques are very different and they mainly focus on the character building and the mindset of the children towards certain things. It is very hard to showcase such types of motives on a graph where we can see early results. Funders have to understand that early education can prosper the college education or university education in the long run. Child so life can change on the basis of what kind of early education he was given and what kind of attention was given.

it is obvious that early education of children is not a hot topic right now due to this pandemic but we need to understand that after the financial issues regarding this pandemic are over, investors for funders need to learn about the importance of reading early education as it may lead to a better environment, better future of the students, more number of students in colleges and universities endless number of young adults on the streets and in jails, a better mentality of students coming in colleges and universities. This is due to the early education that a boy or a girl was given.

At the time of the crisis, early education depends upon the time and attention the parents give towards their child. Most of the parents are staying home with their children having ample time and opportunity to teach their children the way they want to teach their children and have a better child in the future. the silver lining in this lockdown maybe in the form of a better future for the students because of a good early education be given to them at the time of this crisis. We can never put all the burden on the government, sometimes we have to take matters into our own hands.

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