Top 5 Health and Wellness Books

If you are a health and fitness junkie and love books as well, you have come to the right place. Books can help you not only educate yourself about how you can achieve wellness and good health, but they can also help weed out the negative health practices you have adopted over the years. Here are some of the books we recommend for your fitness journey.

Deep Nutrition: Why Your Genes Need Traditional Foods

This book written by Cate Shanahan, a physician, biochemist, and the science director of the LA Lakers PRO Nutrition program helps you understand how food affects our bodies on cellular level. She analyzed several of famous diets like Mediterranean, Paleo, and Okinawa diets to identify nutritional strategies that can lead to better health.

Among the main ideas of the book are how traditional foods are good for your health, why human health is declining even after scientific advancements, how food affects our genes, and why sugar is bad for you.

If you are looking for a book on diet, this is the right pick for you as it will help you understand the relationship between food and your body on a more deeper level. 

Stretch: Unlock the Power of Less

This is the book for those who are stretched too thin due to their daily lives. Rice University professor Scott Sonenshein in this book explains why having more of anything does not solve your problems or bring you happiness. Sure, having more money, time, and choices seem like a good thing but they are not sure shot way of bringing peace to your life. He explains how having even a little can benefit everyone from office worker, to athlete, to even CEOS.

This book will help you realize that being a millionaire does not ensure happiness or success in life.

Mindfulness Worksheet

Christy Jones’s Mindfulness Worksheet is also one of the books a person should read once in their life. She began her journey of health and wellness when her daughter became sick a few years ago. Through her experience she learned that the right diet and good mental health is what counts in this life. She is now an experienced coach who spreads this knowledge to 2500 children a year along with teachers, and business managers. 

Her book will teach you to be mindful, have a new perspective, and learn to take care of yourself first. It is a must read.

In Defense of Food

Writer and cook Michael Pollan, wrote this book which became the New York Times bestseller. His motto is to “eat, not too much, and mostly plants”. He shares how instead of fad diets one should embrace the food choices of our ancestors that kept them healthy and even cured illnesses.

If you do not want to try a new diet and still get healthier, it is a good idea to read what he has to say.

Eat Pretty Every Day

If you believe the saying that what you are what you eat, then author Jolene Hart’s book is for you. She teaches you on how to eat pretty everyday and that too something that makes you glow. Her book will help you be healthier both in an out. Her book is organized into 365 bite-size readings for every day and categorized into seasons for optimal benefit.

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