Can I Make a Big Difference to the Environment?

Small acts lead to big changes and also significant impact on the lives of other people. People often want to brush of their burdens and continue with their life. Pursuit of freedom and happiness is a life long journey but that does not mean that you should leave your community behind. In this fast paced life, it has become even more essential to not only look after yourself but also this planet. This is where we live and if we want this planet to stay healthy and keep being a good home to us, we need to step up and take better care of it.

We often think that the environment is the responsibility of the government, lawmakers or organizations, but actually we all have a social responsibility. There are many things that individuals can do on their own to make the environment better and the planet earth healthier.

Reduction in consumption:

Most vital step we need to start is lowering the consumption of everything we use in our daily life. First, start looking around for the things that you do not need around the house. Like you can easily donate or sell the items you are no longer using. Be more creative when it comes to using old material or goods. Recycle whatever you can. Try to shop less and only buy those things which are essentials for you.

The same goes for food items. Try not to buy in bulk, unless you are going to eat all of it before it goes bad.

Root to stem cooking:

Root to stem is another way to minimize food consumption and waste. Instead of cutting and throwing stems or leaves of vegetables, you can come up with new recipes. Learning how to use every part of raw material is essential. Unused parts of vegetables can be used as compost or to regrow other vegetables. Composting gives new life to other plants. Also re-growing from scrap can give you more food, while saving you money and preventing waste.

Energy consumption:

From last two or three decades energy consumption has increased tremendously. People prefer to stay indoors. This means increased use of cooling systems like AC, lights and electric appliances which in turn increase energy consumption. Try to avoid using extra appliances in rooms and kitchens. It not only helps to decrease your electricity bills but also allows body to settle to natural temperatures. Try and use sunlight instead of artificial lights. Whenever you can, use energy efficient and energy saving appliances.

Water usage/wastage:

Water usage is also a big key for environment. You have to avoid water wastage, as many experts believe that very soon we will start noticing water shortages worldwide. All of us know  that water is precious and fresh water is not accessible for every human being. Also saving more water means that you can save more money too.

There are many ways to conserve water:

  • Use grey water to water the plants and for gardening
  • Avoid continuous water flow from tap during bath and while brushing your teeth
  • Use washing machine and dishwasher when it’s fully loaded
  • Create a low flow for you flush the toilet

Changes in driving habits:

Simple changes in driving habits are also very beneficial to our surroundings. Resent report of EPA shows that greenhouse gas emissions of normal vehicles are around 4.7 metric ton of carbon dioxide per year. Driving more means more air pollution. To avoid this situation you can use vehicles with fuel catalyst, which reduce harmful emissions and improve fuel economy. You can also try and catch bus, train or any sort of public transport more often. You can also cycle to work, which can be very good for your heart health as well.

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