Do you need a college degree for marketing?

               “Hustle Culture” has a character that college is a horrible waste of time and money. This is championed by Gary Vaynerchuk. Real-world experience and data suggests otherwise.

               According to bureau of labour statistics, the gap has been a record high between those with a four-year degree and those with the high school degree. College degree holders earn a median weekly salary of $1137 whereas high school degree holders have an average of $678.

               The economic policy institute numbers show that the benefits of college are not only availed by the graduates of elite colleges but they are availed by all college graduates with a four-year degree. High school degree holders face 17.9 percent unemployment versus 5.6% for college graduates. So these statistics show that Gary’s advice work for him but it is not based in reality.

               This also goes for marketing. All the going into marketing doesn’t always need a degree to break in. The academic degree you hold doesn’t necessarily need to correlate with what you do in your job everyday unlike fields like engineering or medicine. If you are just getting started in marketing, you may get by without a degree. However, the knowledge of marketing you get from the real world will only take you to a certain level. If you want to excel from that certain level, you will have to have a college degree. people think that they can somehow overcome a lack of education and work experience through endless hours of hard work, which is Improbable. even though there are a lot of problems in the current university system but still, education matters.

               If you are already in a career and thinking of switching to marketing then you have to be highly disciplined and motivated person to turn yourself into a marketing professional by sheer force of will. Some people require a formal learning environment as a framework for a new career. you’ll have to be a marketer in the first place if you want to be a social media marketer. You do this service to yourself and your employer, if you don’t know the fundamentals of marketing, if in any case you approach everything as a “social media problem” or a “content marketing problem”. you have to have a college degree in order to survive in marketing for a long time and Excel in the field of marketing.

               Some people would say ah that there many e effective and environmentally friendly courses online that can provide the same services in marketing education that a college degree provides. But usually, these courses are for those who already have a marketing degree and feel like they need to get up to speed quickly or have been in a traditional role and feel like they are falling behind.

               Therefore, like in any other field, marketing also requires a college degree. A college degree is a certification that you have the knowledge required to survive in marketing industry. It may seem like a waste of time and money in the start, but in the long run it will compensate for the money and time that you spent multiplied by many times.

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