What are my eyebrows and eyelashes for

As humans, we are naturally curious creatures. We wonder and question a lot of things and ideas. We try to find the purpose and advantages of everything, as well as their dangers and disadvantages so we know what to stay away from. Part of it is because of our survival instinct that all animals and living things were born with on this planet.

As humans, our self is also one of the first things that we become familiar with. So, we start satisfying the curious animal inside of us from there. We look at the different parts of ourselves and find out which tasks we can accomplish with them all. As infants, we find out that we can use our hands to hold stuff and our fingers to eat food. While our legs are used to take us from one place to another through running or walking. And as we grow, the maturity and seriousness of all these questions grow as well. But once in a while, we do wonder about the small, somewhat stupid, stuff as well. And one of these might be the purpose of our eyelashes and eyebrows. Now, don’t you try to play stupid and smart by pretending that you never had this question at any point in your life? Because come on!! Isn’t it common sense? Our eyebrows help us show emotions like anger, confusion, frustration, and happiness and our eyelashes protect our eyes. There is no doubt that those two statements are true but turns out that just like every other part of our body, our eyelashes and eyebrows serve a greater purpose than the ones just mentioned.

When it comes to protecting our eyes, then along with our eyelashes, our eyebrows also play a huge part in that. In fact, as fascinating and surprising it is, but everything about our eyebrows; from their shape to their angle to the number of hairs that grow on them, is designed to keep things like sweat and moisture away from our eyes. Because of our eyebrows, the sweat and other moisture slides towards the side of our face instead of going directly in our eyes. This way we can maintain clear vision and our eyes stay dry.

As for our eyelashes, well contrary to what we mentioned before, it is not common knowledge that eyelashes are used to protect our eyes. According to common knowledge, it is the eyelids that protect our eyes from dust. Although there is no lie in the previous statement but is also true that our eyelashes also play part in all this. Both, our eyelids and eyelashes, work together to act as a barrier against dust, dirt, and all the other harmful material found in the air that might get inside our eyes and hence damage them.

Our eyelashes are extremely sensitive to touch. And hence whenever they come in contact with outside material, they reflexively close down as an attempt to get rid of it. You might know this action as blinking. And hence, this is why it becomes really hard to keep our eyes open whenever we are applying makeup on our eyes, like eyeliner or mascara.

From all the above-mentioned advantages, we all have gotten a good idea of how important our eyebrows and eyelashes are. Sadly, these two parts are also the ones that we try to experiment with the most. With all the plucking and makeup that we apply, we do not realize but we are damaging our eyebrows and eyelashes and making it difficult for them to perform their job. Your eyebrows have the perfect amount of hair that you need to keep your eyes safe, so there is no need to make them thinner and risking the safety of your eyebrows. The same goes for eyelashes as well. Try not to make them thicker than they are by applying too much mascara or by getting fake lashes, temporary or permanent.

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