Most valuable elements of a business

               Determination of business elements with business potential energy is very important if you want to increase your business potential. Unlimited number of business elements can exist in a business. some having more importance than the others but there are some crucial elements that can have a large impact on your company’s business potential.

               It is very beneficial if you start with crucial business elements as these elements have stored in itself a large amount of business potential energy. This is the energy that can later be converted into kinetic energy that will push your business on the right road for success.

               Below are some of the most valuable business elements:

  • Business plan:

               Business plan is the converter of business potential energy of the business ideas into successful business. A Good business plan can break business development for your business. With a good business brand and accomplishment of everything that is planning, overall business potential energy of your business will be increased drastically.

  • Inventory:

               It can convert your potential energy into cash. Product stored in inventory have business potential and they also bring security for constant sales quantity. You have to find optimal level of inventory if you want to increase your business potential stored in your inventory and in the same time degree is spending of energy stored in cash. For this purpose, you can use ABC analysis or 80/20 rule.

  • Products and services:

               Every business some category of product or services. Business success or business profit is directly related to the satisfaction of your customer brought by the product or services that you sell. If you services do not satisfy customer’s needs, then the business potential energy as well as business profit will be very low and vice versa.

  • Marketing:

               Marketing can help fresh businesses by bringing more clients. Having more comments can increase your business potential energy as well as business profit which return will increase the potential of your sales team and cash.

  • Your entrepreneurial knowledge:

               This is something that can always bring fresh business potential energy into your business. However, it is an exhausting element as it continuously requires new knowledge in order to be able to respond to new business environment.

  • Cash:

               Cash is the most important business elements that has stored business potential energy. It can also increase the effectiveness of other business elements like knowledge, marketing, sales team and products and services. If you are low on cash then you are low on business potential.

  • Sales teams:

               The income that will bring cash into your business is directly related to the business potential energy stored in your sales team as they are in direct contact with your customers.

  • Location:

               If you have retail store business then the traffic volume and sales will entirely depend on your location. However, transportation costs for British and businesses will also have some impact on the whole business potential energy.

  • Prices:

               If the prices are not set to cover all costs and bring profits then your business potential energy will be very low. You have to set your prices in such a way that they cover all the cost and bring profit as well as be comfortable for your customers.

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